Ever notice how ducks sound like they're laughing?

It’s uncanny. And what’s worse, it has the tone of someone really mean laughing at you. I can see why Daffy was such a dick. He said what every duck must be thinking.

I couldn’t agree more with this OP.

It’s about time those arrogant duck bastards were made to pay for their holier-than-thou attitude.

Ducks? Schmucks, more like.

And the sound doesn’t echo. :wink:

Really? I never thought it sounded like laughter. I always thought it sounded more like constant complaining.

The title of this thread got me laughing. I’m sure my neighbors thought I was an idiot when they heard me laughing to myself at 7 this morning (I’m now on campus, and it still makes me chuckle).
Let’s just hope I don’t think about it during class later or I’ll start snickering about it again.


Ducks? Fuck 'em!
(illegal in 49 states. Hooray Alabama!)

I always thought the goose honk sounded like complaining. I haven’t got a handle on the loon call yet…

It’s 'cuz we quack them up.

And that AFLAC duck is even worse. Not only does he laugh–he also interrupts people’s conversations and yells at them in a condescending tone.

Ducks are so rude.

Nah, they aren’t laughing at you, they’re trying to convert you.

So we (4 of us) were in an inflatable raft about 100 or so feet from shore,We ranged in age from 16 to 19…

The thing was going flat from a nice size hole that we tried to patch at a float-house we were partying at.

Paddeling like mad we made to within 30ft of shore and by this time it was clear we were going to get wet.

Then I hear a sound like a duck laughing its ass off at us,I look to shore to see an older gentleman with a duck call who apparently watched us the whole time and used his duck call to “laugh” at us…

I was out playing golf one day with the sales manager from the radio station I worked at when we came to the 9th tee. Absolutely overrun with ducks.

I concentrated and let my tee shot fly - it dribbled about 3 feet from the tee.


sounded like HA HA HA HA

The animal almost became 3 wood Duck Patè that lovely morning…