Ever see the green flash?

I did, about 10 years in Florida on the 9th story of a building, looking west (landward). When I saw it (beautiful emerald green color) I ran in to tell my father, who was characteristically skeptical.

A link to the column is appreciated. It’s http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a5_061.html

Saw it on Valentine’s Day this year on the west coast. Also in that one movie…

Yep, that’s the direction alright. :slight_smile:
I used to live on the Gulf Coast, and saw it several times.

My sister and I saw it about 5 years ago in San Diego. (Pacific Beach also has a restaurant called “The Green Flash” with photos of said phenomenon on the walls)

I have seen it maybe a dozen times from Oahu. Always over the ocean in nearly cloudless conditions. It is a clear vibrant final flash just after the sun falls below the horizon.

Saw it one evening in Bellingham, WA - sitting in my favorite restaurant in Old Fairhaven overlooking Bellingham Bay.

Beautiful vivid green. Loved it.

Nope. And I’ve been looking for years. Heck, I’ve taught about this phenomenon, but never seen it (although I’ve seen pictures).

My boss in a previous life saw them on his expedition to Antarctica. He said you could feel it in the air when one would happen, and he saw some pretty spectacular ones (they took a ship down to Antarctica, so he had lots of opportunity.)

Ever seen the green flash

Yes I have.

I saw it the first time I tried and have never experienced it again.

This is my story.

I was in my mid 20’s. A good friend of mine and I decided to go to the Washington coast one early winter weekend. I was very familiar with the Illwaco-Long Beach area as I had spent many summers there salmon fishing while growing up. We packed up the truck with plenty of beer, Crown Royal, some top notch herb and a small baggie of magic mushrooms.

Now, neither one of us were rookies when it came to hallucinogens. We went to high school in the late seventies, and we knew what to expect. We drove down late Friday evening and got a cheap room.

Saturday morning we ingested the nasty tasting toad stools and began our little trip sitting by the harbor, listening to Pink Floyd and watching the fog roll in and out over long abandoned pilings. Now ya see 'em… now ya don’t.

By the evening time, those filthy shrooms, had just about ran their course, we decided to drive up to a place we called “the hill”. It overlooks Beards Hollow and across the mighty Pacific Ocean and is a great place to watch the sun set.

Well, we are standing by this guardrail, over looking the Ocean with the ball about to drop. There is another group of folks with the same idea as we have. To watch the sun set. At this point I had never even heard of this “green flash”.

One member of their group asks if anyone has ever seen the flash. He tells them to close their eyes and the nanosecond the sun disappears he will say " Now" and to open their eyes.

Well hell, being charitable and cautious, my buddy and I decide to get in on this deal. We close our eyes and this guy is giving us a play by play of the sunset. Suddenly he yells “Now”.

I opened my eyes and saw The “Flash”. I looked over at my buddy and asked him"Did you see that?" and he nodded his head. a couple of the other saw it as well and a couple didn’t.
Ever since that day I have been searching for the flash, any time I am in position. I’ve tried, all over the Caribbean, the Pacific Coast from Washington State down to Acapulco, several Hawaiian Islands and have never seen it again.

I did see it once though, and I will keep on looking.
Don’t give up.

I’ve tried many times. I think I may have seen it once from the top of Jockey’s Ridge dune in Nags Head, N.C., but I can’t be sure.

“One reason they’re so adamant is that green flash is impossible to photograph with an ordinary camera–the image is too small too register.”

Green flash photographed with ordinary camera (Nikon D70 DX frame with a 400mm lens, 81A and 2-stop grad ND filters, program auto exposure) here: Maui Photo Expedition

Lots of pictures of green flashes here: Pictures of Green Flashes