Ever seen a cat tarred and feathered?

I turned on the news this morning to a disturbing case in Florida about a cat that was tarred and graveled. Apparently the young feline was taken dipped in tar and rolled in gravel. Everything but the head. I am looking for the link but am having a hard time finding it.

This is completely disgusting. What make people in this world do crazy things like tar an innocent animal?

Any cat lovers car to comment?
It would have almost been worth it to catch them in the act… they’d find out the reverse of animal cruelty.

That is just too much for me to even picture. What animal deserves that?

The person(s) responsible must pay. That is so sad.

Poor kitty.

How is the kitty now? Is he/she recovering?

Bad karma…very bad.

The punishment should fit the crime.

I thought the cat had just fallen into the tarmac at a building site.

Story here.

The cat’s recovering. My wife wants to adopt it.

Thanks for the link. Thats the cat. I only caught the tale end of the story… So it wasn’t done by crazey kids… Good. At least it was an accident. Jimm your wife may have a hard time adopting the cat, I bet they are getting calls off the hook… Thanks for the link

Yeah, that and the Atlantic and rabies quarantine legislation! :smiley:

Sigh of relief…I’m glad it wasn’t done on purpose :slight_smile:

**good luck adopting the cat! I would adopt it if I did not already have 2 cats and 3 house bunnies.

Oh! It looks like my Noel!

The back half of one of our old cats got dipped in varnish or similar. Our only guess is that she fell in to a gallon can in the garage somehow. Poor thing was too stiff to even cut the affected fur off, and it took months to wear off totally, but she pulled through without any ill effects.

I feel for that poor cat though, I’m glad it was an accident, and not malicious animal cruelty.