Ever seen one of these rocking horses?

In the early 70s when I was a kid, there was an old man who lived across the alley from us. He had a shop that faced out onto Lincoln Ave near Wellington. He was about 50-60 and seemed to be German or Austrian, or something like that, but I was never really sure. The only time we spoke was when he was yelling “Hey you damn kids! Get off my garage roof!”

In his garage he created these incredibly realistic rocking horses, completely covered with real horse hides and they had the real mane and tail as well. They were beautifully carved and had glass eyes. The smell of tanned hides and carpentry were always emanating from his open garage door, and we would stand there and peek in until he chased us away.

These things did not appear to be toys, and they obviously weren’t carousel horses. They looked like real horses. Some were child size, but some were full size, large enough for an adult to sit on. He sold these horses in the shop that faced onto Lincoln Ave.

I don’t remember seeing his shop at all after maybe 1974. Has anyone ever seen such a thing? What were they for? I’ve looked online, and the closest thing I could find was a Victorian Rocking Horse. But none of the ones I’ve seen online have the real hide and hair like his did. Perhaps he was the last master of some now extinct craft. Have any of you ever seen something like this?

There are two antique, hide-covered rocking horses on this page. They are also appraisers, so if you contact them they may be able to identify the artisan you are talking about.

yes I remember! I have one . I’m trying to find information about it now…

Yes I remember! I have one. I’m trying to find info on it right now…