Ever Tried Lea's Sheild or FemCap?

How’d they work out for you? Were they comfortable (especially Lea’s)? Did they prevent pregnancy as needed? Were they durable?

I’m considering getting one of them this week, and it’ll likely be a FemCap, but I was wondering about experiences other women have had with our non-latex lady barrier friends.

Nobody at all? :frowning:

What are they? Sounds iiiiiinteresting.

This is a FemCap. And this is Lea’s Shield.

A femcap is a nonlatex cervical cap of sorts, and Lea’s Shield is sort of a one-size-fits all non latex diaphram, with handle. Unlike regular diaphrams, they do not make good hats for cats.

That’s taking the Star Wars merchandising a little too far, IMHO.

Oh wait, it’s not Leia’s shield, never mind.