Ever used temporary wallpaper like "Tempaper"?

I’m doing some redecorating in our house. I’m about to start on my six-year-old son’s room. I’m also looking to do an accent wall in another room (which will be the library). In both places, I was thinking of some kind of interesting wallpaper. But in the case of the Little Fella’s room, I don’t want to have to tear it down when he’s outgrown it. And in the library, I don’t want it to turn off buyers who don’t share my taste when/if we go to sell the place.

But wait! There is such a thing as temporary wallpaper! That you can design yourself!

One type is “Tempaper”. It looks promising. Have you ever tried it? What was your experience with it? How easy was it to put up and take down? Did it stay up or start to peel off? Did you try your own pattern, and how did it turn out? Any suggestions or reviews would be appreciated.

I get one free bump, right? Anyone? Anyone?

I haven’t used it, myself. Looks really cool though and if I was looking to wallpaper I would definitely give it a try.

I have bought vinyl wall decals from Etsy and done an entire wall. My living room walls are brown and I put a huge flowing white tree with leaves.

Nearly the same effect as a wallpapered wall but it’s a picture rather than a print, and it’s a cutout. I have had zero problems with it in the 2 years since I put it up. I haven’t had to take it down, so I dunno about that.

I also have Super Mario decals decorating my bathroom walls. No problems with those in about 4 years now.

Nope, haven’t used, but second the vinyl decal suggestion.

Two of the 3 reviews on Yelp state that the Tempaper peeled paint off the walls upon removal. That may or may not be an issue for you.

Of course, the reviews are 2-7 years old. Things may (or may not) have changed.