Ever wake up with a weird thought leftover from a dream?

Most mornings, I wake up with a different song running through my head. I don’t sleep with the radio on so I’m not sure where my subconcious manifests the song from, but it’s kind of nice. I be-bop around in the shower and it’s usually gone by the time I finish. This morning was different. This morning I woke with the remnants of a dream and almost said this phrase out loud as hit the snooze alarm:

"Open the airlocks and jettison the penguins!"


I just told one of my co-workers and he almost fell on the floor laughing, so I thought I would share.

I rarely remember dreams when I wake. But every once in a while whatever I’m dreaming just before I wake up will return to my dreams as soon as I’m good and asleep the next time I go to sleep. And I have had features of dreams be vivid enough to carry over into consciousness. Is that what you mean?

I woke up today with the strong feeling that I had to grab the cat and put it back in its bowl.


I had a dream about going to Wal-Mart. I was in front of the strore, near the parking lot. A limo pulled up and a guy dressed in a suit handed me a bag of groceries. I looked though the groceries and found a bottle of rubbing alcohol. The rubbing alcohol was pink. It was strawberry flavored rubbing alcohol! Why would anyone want strawberry flavored rubbing alcohol?

I’ve dreamed answers to problems I’d been having trouble solving. And the solutions have always worked. It’s kinda cool.

Once I was making myself lunch in my dream just as my alarm went off. I reach up to turn it off, thinking, “Don’t I have a sandwich in that hand?”

Same here. I used to be a programmer, and once found a bug in some software I was working on, together with the solution, all in a dream.

Luckily I remembered it. When I got to work, I reproduced the bug. It was a very obscure one that would probably have gone undetected into the final release (only to be discovered by a user) but it was nevertheless a nasty one. So, I tried the fix I’d dreamt, and the bug was gone.

I came to two conclusions: (1) Our brains can be fully active in odd ways during sleep; and (2) I’d been working too hard!

A couple of years ago, I woke up with the phrase “cheesecake diesel monkey” in my head. No idea where that came from.


I’ve sometimes woken up with a rather more material leftover from a dream. :smiley:

Home from university one summer, after taking an engineerig course, my mom woke me up on a Sunday, asking me: “Are you getting up? I’m making breakfast.”

I answered with quite a tone of impatient irritation: “Wait, until the monkeys come down from the trusses!”

And I knew exactly what I was talking about. In my dream there was a big crane swinging some trusses into place for a large-scale construction project, and then those damn monkeys …

To…to um…drink, perhaps?

When I first played the adventure game “Day of the Tentacle” I was stuck on a certain puzzle for a long time. This was before I knew about getting walkthroughs online. One night I had a dream about something that made it work, and the next day I tried it and it turned out to be the solution.

I slept over at my best friend’s house one night…

it wasn’t so much a party/sleepover as it was… her parents weren’t home and it was getting late, so it was more convenient and she didn’t have to be alone in the house overnight. So I got the bed in her baby’s room all by myself while her baby slept in her room.

Anyway. I woke up pretty early in the morning to a loud phone ring and registered that there was a phone in the room. I thought, “Why would they keep a detective phone in the baby’s room? I wonder if it’s a case.” then I heard the answering machine in the other room pick up and thought, “Oh. that’s good. He (Sherlock Holmes) can just leave a message. I’d better make sure to get it before J’s parents get home.” … and somewhere in there, being not quite sure whether it was a case for me or a case for J’s parents. Obviously, it was a case, or else they wouldn’t have been calling on a detective phone!

all-in-all, pretty boring. But kind of weird that I was awake enough to notice the phone, think it was strange, register that it was not my house or phone and wonder if I should pick it up, and STILL think I was a detective and there was such a thing as a detective phone.

Not waking up, but on my way to sleep.

Apparently hubby said something to me about not understanding the way I thought about something and I responded “Yeah, that’s because you’re a replicon”.

I awoke from a dream several years ago with the phrase The 10 must answer but the 3 shall pay in my mind. I have fashioned a story around it, but am just not a (good) writer…

That is brilliant.

I often wake up with a song running through my head. If I was sleeping with the radio on I could understand it (maybe my fillings are picking up a local station). I wouldn’t mind except that it’s usually 70’s schlock (Escape (The Pina Colada Song); Billy, Don’t Be a Hero; One Tin Soldier; Copacabana; etc).

Other times I’ve woken up thinking about a phone number that I don’t know. I’ll Google the number and discover that it is real but it belongs to a person or business that I’ve never heard of and they are located on the other side of the country.

The other day my wife woke up and very sternly said to me, “If you don’t get those damn kreplings out of the oven we’ll never get the ostrich cooked!” I have no idea what a krepling is, why it would be in the oven or why you would want to cook an ostrich (except for those drumsticks). I asked my wife what the hell she was dreaming about and she didn’t have a clue.

Cool. It’s like those radio-alarm clocks.

This for me was actually the reason to stop programming altogether.
I should get paid when I am working in my sleep. :smiley: