Ever Watch Something Over 2 Years Old, And Think "COVID!"

I was watching a Robert Plant interview, and the guy asking him questions was coughing, and they were close in contact, and they had an audience, and I thought, “Oh yeah, COVID didn’t exist back then”.

This happens a lot, even when I watch older stuff… I used to always say how I was glad that there was no internet until I was in middle school (with younger cousins obviously affected) and now it’s “I’m glad COVID didn’t exist during my childhood” since it’s all my nieces know. Her first day in school was in a mask.

Yes, and I also notice people wearing masks pre covid and think WTF?

I saw an old clip of the Newly Wed game on YouTube where one of the wives was wearing a mask.

Noticed an extra in the background of West World wearing a mask.

I saw many people in Asia (2012) wear masks - probably trying to avoid tourist’s germs from their host countries.

When I was in China, it was an established part of the culture to wear a mask if you have a cold.
I don’t know if this pre-dates SARS, but it was definitely there years before Covid.

Yeah, I was in Thailand… At first, I thought it might be possible smog, but I don’t think that was it, at least not in Bangkok. I don’t remember seeing masks in Kanchanaburi.

I find myself watching movies and asking myself “if this were really set in 2020, there would be masks everywhere. I wonder if there will ever be a real 2020-2022 period piece where people are constantly donning and doffing masks?”

I’m guessing probably no. None of us wanted to live in such a time, none of us wants to remember it, nobody’s ever gonna sit through a movie about the great Russo-Ukranian War of 2022 and get mad about realism because “hey, shouldn’t a lot of these people be wearing masks?”

We’re going to try as hard as we can to forget everything we experienced and learned before the next pandemic in 10 years or so. Some are already there.

If I were a producer, I don’t think I would acknowledge it at all… it gets in the way of the story.

Like on Chicago Fire. One of their main sets is in a bar. So their work around was to have a bar outside… In Chicago… In the middle of winter.

Yeah no. I’m not buying that.

Even thinking about a cruise ship, on TV or in the news.

I’ve thought about it sometimes when watching a typical crowd scene–people in a crowded restaurant, store, etc.

Watching the Great British Baking Show from a few years back, and they’re all group hugging at the end. I’m reacting like Dracula to a sunny day.

Same… All the time. Even love stories.

I guess my brain is a virus now, lol.

The TV show “The Good Doctor” did a few episodes (maybe a whole season, I can’t remember) which were set in the real world of the early days of the pandemic. Then they abruptly stopped and went back to magic land where there was no pandemic.