Ever woke yourself up because your dream was too stupid?

It’s hard to explain. Its kind of like a nightmare will get you so scared you will wake up in a full-blown fear reaction. Or you wake up in complete depression after watching a loven one die in a dream?

Lately my brain has been waking itself up because it thinks my dreams are too stupid, and it wants me to do something I guess. I’ve been waking up set in huge WTF mode, and it’s getting anoying. Last nights dream was perhaps a bit more non-sensical than most, and really stupid,but it wasn’t that out there. My dream was me watching TV and Hitler trying to promote his new chain of Adolph Hitler’s Eiffel Tower Brand Chicken Shacks The host kept saying “But Your Adolph Hitler’s you shithead”, and he kept saying “no I’m not”, but the info bar on the bottom said “Adolph Hitler–Fried Chicken Magnate.” Then he got a map out and started pointing to Scotland and said he was going to build a Chicken Shack in each of the 5400 counties* of Scotland in honor of Princess Diana.

Then my brain woke me up to say the dream was to stupid to continue, as near as I can tell. Does that ever happen to anybody else?

*no idea where the hell that number came from.


I’m not sure, but I suspect it’s to do with a lucid dreaming (a thing I’ve never mastered) technique where you induce lucid dreaming by getting into the habit of asking yourself - when awake - if you are awake or not. You invariably decide that yes, you are awake, but the idea is that eventually you start doing it out of habit when dreaming, and then you decide, “Yes, I’m awa… hang on a minute… My long-dead grandmother riding a purple tiger on rollerskates? Nope, must be dreaming”. My problem is that this makes me decide, “Nope, too weird. I’ll wake up.”

I’ve never been quite sure if I’m a lucid dreamer or not, because on the rare occasions when I have a vivid dream, it starts out realistic if goofy and gets worse. Usually, at some point, I wake up because it’s morning and time to wake up, but I’ve also been becoming aware that it just doesn’t compute.

Car accident (rear-ended) in parking garage? Reasonable. Damage which causes the check engine light to come on? (unlikely from being rear-ended at low speed, but had recently been true in real life–so was the rear-ending bit, although not in a parking garage).

Driver was Donna? (a friend of sorts) ok, wait a minute–Donna doesn’t drive and doesn’t live locally. For that matter, I thought I was leaving work, work doesn’t have a parking garage . . . and then I wake up.

And no, I don’t want to know what goes into The Fuhrer’s Secret Recipe. I really don’t.

Yeah, this happens to me plenty. I’ll also wake myself up if I feel like a dream is getting scary, and sometimes I’ll notice that things aren’t adding up and start to suspect I’m dreaming, after which I either wake up or the dream just fades.

Usually at this point, I turn and face the dream monster (leatherface, freddy, whomever), flip him off and start chasing him.

Its quite fun when done properly.

Is anyone else thinking this sounds like a passable Monty Python sketch, complete with Graham Chapman’s Colonel character butting in with “Stop that, stop, all right, now this is too silly.

I’ve had dreams go weird on me, but usually they kind of peter out like a bad SNL sketch just before I wake up.

Not sure about too stupid, but I’ve woken up because I’ve been bored. I’d also go for the fact that this is somehow connected to lucid dreaming; I normally enjoy my dreams out of a pure ‘wtf was that and where did it come from?’ factor, and have some (minimal) ability to direct them.

When I have a dream which strongly and realistically reflects real life, I tend to wake up. And shake my head in disappointment. With dreams, the more complicated and crazy, the better.

I’ve never woken up from it, but I did once have a dream involving Satan and a pair of vampire ladies that was supposed to be a nightmare, but which wasn’t really working for me - I wasn’t frightened at all. So I sort of mentally shrugged and started having sex with the vampire ladies instead.

That was a good dream :).

I’ve never woken up as a direct result, but I have silly and surreal dreams all the time. The latest one was just last night.

So, I was running for president, and my friends and I were at a cabin lodge in the woods. All of a sudden, my Japanese friend Ai starts freaking out and insulting me. She says I would be a horrible president and that my mental condition is instable. Then she starts shrieking like a harpy. Men with butterfly nets rush in and take her away. Then there’s a brief interlude where I have to kill zombies. I tell the zombies I don’t want to kill them, but they insist. They don’t want to eat my brains, so they ask me to kill them. I run around a bit until I find the chainsaw, and then I cut off their heads.

After that McCain shows up, and we start having dinner together. We explain how the media might make a big deal out of these recent events, but Bush is there too and he says not to worry about the media. I tell him that he has a big grin on his face, and he says he does everything big. Then everyone small talks, and McCain and I end up becoming friends. I reveal that the real reason Ai got angry was because I am a mutant with super speed powers, and that she was jealous. Everyone laughs and the dream ends shortly after.

Usually don’t remember dreams, but there was a particularly vivid one that jarred me awake this morning. By some impossible means I found myself driving a motorcycle up and through the narthex, nave, chancel, and various hallways and antechambers of a large Church. I’m assuming it was a Catholic Church- a very, very large Church with lots of red and candles. I end up driving out a back door and there is a litlle dark haired dude, kind of nondescript, he’s just standing there and I remebber slowly walking the bike alongside him and talking at the side walk of the church to the front steps. I don’t remember the conversation though. But once we were in the front, I started to pull away… then this Blonde pizza delivery guy comes up to him with some kind of package (I think it was a Sub.)and I hear them arguing, so I stop the bike and turn to watch. Dark Haired guy Says, “Get the Fuck out of here, I’m not payin’ you, you Fag!”…And then he just sucker punches the Pizza delivery dude (PDD). The guy is stunned and slumped and then the DHD (Dark Haired Dude) starts to go through the guys pockets to steal his wallet. PDD recovers and kicks DHD in the face with a Roundhouse, now this guy is on the ground and the PDD starts to go through his pockets to steal his wallet,… DHD gets up and starts to struggle with PDD and pulls out a handgun. There are two gunshots and then I woke up.