Every now and then, you just get an unexpected pleasantryin life

Came out to the back garden to enjoy the evening.

Neighbour’s adult son and a couple of his buddies were playing catch with bo sticks next door.

Sat down in my garden swing and started surfing. Then one of the guys next door started jamming on his guitar. Not rock, not classical, just easy pop.

I kept surfing, then the neighbour’s son pulled out his bongos (oh right - he’s the drummer in a band. These must be his bandmates.) He and his guitarist friend started riffing off each other.

So here I am, on a lovely summer evening, having my own private jam session to listen to. :slight_smile:

And now, inevitably, the sweet smell of a burning “plant-like substance” (hey, that’s how the cops around here describe it in the charge sheets) is wafting over the fence.