Every step is downhill...

Ok the world is spherical. So if the oceans were perfectly still (no convection currents, waves, etc…) and they froze over, and you walked on the ice, technically every step would be downhill, right? Since you are at a specific point on a sphere every step would be down hill right? This is not including earthen masses such as land, mountains etc

I think every step would be level. Gravity would be attracting you equally from every point. To have every step be downhill, that implies you would have to be uphill to start with, but since your world is perfectly spherical, every step would be from level surface to level surface.

Interesting theory… but since you are at one point of a sphere, and at any point of the outside of a sphere is downhill from one (also on the outside of the sphere)if you were to walk on it…hmm… I see what you are saying, but if that is true it wouldnt be a sphere- it would be a piece of paper looking thing…wouldnt it?

I think it’s the word “downhill” that’s making it confusing. Points on a sphere aren’t actually downhill from each other.

[Following is a simplistic analogy I just dreamed up. My apologies if it sounds sophomoric, but quite often, so do I. :)]

Blow up a beach ball and place it on the living room rug. Stand GI Joe at the top.
Yep, everything is downhill. BUT! That’s because of the gravity of the Earth. Not the gravity of the beach ball.

Now do this: Come to Minneapolis in January. Walk out to the middle of Lake Nokomis. Did you walk downhill? Nope.

On a worldsphere like the one you described, you’d just be walking from one flat place to another flat place.

Alot like Nebraska.

Well, yet another one of my theories disproved. Thanks Rys- I would rather have had an idea destroyed by logic than ignorance. Good points, by the way.

There is no sarcasm in that, whatsoever

I have this image in my mind of a smooth, ice covered planet. There is an ice ball on it. Since it is down hill everywhere it goes, it keeps on accelerating, rolling along, faster and faster. Finaly it goes into orbit! Perhaps this is where comets come from.

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Yep, it’s the same distance to the gravity origin wherever you are on the sphere. Wherever you go, there you are.