Everybody say welcome to Lionsaoi!

She’s not a new poster. But she’s a habitual lurker, though I know for a fact she’s skimming the dope right now.

Maybe if we shout real loud she’ll hear us


PS she’s my wife.

PPS she’s a dork.

PPPS she just lamented that we didn’t celebrate Bastille Day. We’re not French. Or Canadian. Or French-Canadian.

Hi Lionsaio! Nice to kind of meetcha. :slight_smile:

Looks like someone has a crush.

I feel like I’m being watched.

Welcome, from a fellow dork!

I suggest decapitating a melon, or chopping up a banana or something.
You know, to celebrate Bastille Day!
And then eating croissants, of course. mmmmm, croissants…

Hello Lionsaoi! Welcome!

You have a difficult name to spell.

Considering it’s his wife, he better :smiley:

Hi Lionsaoi waves

Hi Lionsaoi!
Speak up - it’s hard to hear you over the noise from the band.

Y’all should come to Philly next year.

There’s a 19th-century prison, closed as a prison about 30 years ago and open now as a historic site, called Eastern State Penitentiary, fairly close to the center of the city (near the Art Museum, for thems as knows Philly). Every Bastille Day, there’s a big celebration there, including tossing TastyKakes (Philly’s trademark snack cakes) from the battlements. Pix.

Hi, all! Enderw24 and I are out on a date night…talking comic con and smoking hookah. I’ll post back later. Thanks for the welcome.

PS. I’m a nerd, not a dork.
PPS. He won’t hold my hand in public, after five years of marriage. You should chastise him.
PPPS. I love Philly…lived there for three years.

Hi lionsaoi! Welcome to the world of posting. :smiley:

Special message for Enderw24: Hold her hand! In public! (Really, it’s OK. I promise.)

Bienvenida, lionsaoi!

Welcome, welcome! You two deserve the special ice cream. I’ll go see whether it’s ready. :slight_smile:

:: dons protective garments, including face mask ::

Welcome all! Hold her hand in public! (You can use Purell later.)