Everybody's a Maverick !!

Just watched John McCain say on camera, " Sarah Palin’s a maverick. I’m a maverick ! "

Do I get to be a maverick too ??? Is there a 4 week course I can take? Are there benefits? It appears that more and more mavericks are coming to the fore.

Anyone have a handle on this whole maverick thing?

In the late 1960’s Hippies were proud of being different and not following the crowd. They dressed differently and listened to different music. They were all very unique and different.

This explains why 500,000 attendees at the Woodstock Arts and Music Festival looked exactly the same. :smiley:


I want to be different. Like everyone else I want to be like.
ETA: I realize that the status quo is a bad thing. But even I don’t think installing a bunch of loose cannons in the congress is the right answer.

James Garner is a Maverick! Mel Gibson is a Maverick!! Jack Kelly is a Maverick!

But Will Hutchens is a Sugarfoot!

McCain is a maverick.

Well, horse’s ass, anyway.

I’m a pepper.

But if I’m a Maverick I don’t get a chance at bedding Ice!

um… he’s already there, assuming he doesn’t have other responsibilities starting next week…

I thought the same thing! I was singing, “I’m a maverick, your a maverick, wouldn’t you like to be a maverick too…” To the old Dr. Pepper theme.

Someone needs to get on that spoof!

He’s just channeling Oprah. Except, instead of a car, everybody gets to be a maverick.

Interestingly enough, I heard a news story on the radio that the Maverick family has asked the McCain/Palin campaign to stop using the term Maverick, since the family supports Obama.

Apparently the “original” Maverick was a rancher who refused to brand his cattle, so when other local ranchers found an unbranded stray among their herds, they called it a “Maverick.”

Palin is a ‘Maverick’, because unlike the right wing of her party who want to ban all abortions, teach Creationism in science and shoot lots of guns, she … err …

Hey, I was a Maverick back in the early 60s. I even had the cap pistols and holster set!

Kind of the other way around, anytime Mr. Maverick “found” unmarked cattle, he took ownership.

I’d like to be a Pepper, too.

Who is the tall, dark stranger there?
Maverick is his name
Riding the trails to who-knows-where
Luck is his companion
Gambling is his game…

McCain and Palin may or may not be mavericks. But the typical McCain/Palin voter is certainly a chaverick.

Or a chapstik.

I am certainly a Maverick and have been since the day I was born.

It is my real name. Yes I am serious.

Speaking of Oprah, Tom Cruise was ‘Maverick’.

If you have to ask if you’re a maverick, you’re not a maverick.

It’s like being cool.