Everyday Math: just dandy or a harbinger of the Apocalypse?

For some reason I spent quite a long time today reading blog entries about the awfulness of Everyday Math. (My local school district doesn’t use it and I homeschool anyway, so it was a tad pointless.) The various writers felt that EM is a terrible math program–too fuzzy, fails to teach basic facts and operations, has simplistic and dopey problems (with the occasional utter curveball), and confuses many kids by teaching a bunch of ways to do an operation, none of which are truly mastered. The general idea is that way too many kids wind up without a solid grasp of the basics and then flounder in junior high and high school.

I didn’t actually find a whole lot on the positive side, except that it’s a good supplementary program for use on the side–once a kid has mastery of the basics, you can have fun with the creative stuff.

So: Dopers with kids who have EM in school, what are your opinions?