Everyone welcome to my friend, JOSHTHEHAPPY!

As most of you know, I have gone through a really tough time of it lately. And my friend Josh, and his girlfriend Sarah, have been real lifesavers. Thier support and true compainionship has gotten me through the worst times.
And now I’m proud to announce they have both decided to get accounts here.
Give them a big SDMB welcome, I’m sure they’ll like it here as much as I do. :cool:

uhm ok, hi


Ok…ok…I’ll go hose off another goat. Yes, I know, but I’m sorry…we just got in a new shipment last week, but all the fresh ones have already been used up. Josh will just have to make due.

See how long he keep that “thehappy” moniker after his indoctrination. :wink:

Errr…I mean, welcome, JOSH! Any friend of torie’s is a friend of mine! :smiley:

So has Sarah decided on a screen name?

Welcome to you both. If you don’t know about our unique initiation ritual, you’ll learn soon enough, as I think I can hear (and smell) the goats now…

hi everyone,
this is torie’s friend sarah. looking forward to talking to everyone and a little curious of this “initiation” and the goat you all speak of.

now for a little bit of sucking up:
as you all know, our friend torie is one hell of a girl. i’ve known torie for about 3 years now, and she has to be one of the most admirable people that I’ve ever met. She always cracks me up and gives good advice on life. And who doesn’t like someone who let them stay at there house every weekend one summer so they could see their boyfriend (did i lose anyone in that run-on?) Anyway, Torie’s great!

Have fun…