'everything except the kitchen sink' origin?

Where did the phrase ‘everything except the kitchen sink’ originate? Why could it not have been any other random hard-to-move household item?

It could, but it didn’t. That’s the way the language works.

Kitchen sink is an especially apt metaphor for something that is hard to move, but familiar to every household. The saying could have become “everything but the cabinets” or “everything but the roof” but “kitchen sink” muscled into that hole in the language instead.


i can attest to that… i replaced an old iron/ceramic sink once… that thing weighed at LEAST 50 lbs!! :eek: … took all i had to move it out to the curb for the trash… what was funnier was watching the trash man try to throw it in the truck :smiley:

Newer stainless steel sinks, by comparison, are EXTREMELY light. They can still be a pain to disconnect, if you have an old (and/or poorly designed) cabinets.