EVERYTHING we have comes from EVERYWHERE

I saw a woman wearing a T-shirt with this on it at lunch today. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure it out. Rather than stare, I asked.
Me: Excuse me. I’ve got a lot of cryptic T-shirts at home, but that one’s past me. What does it mean?

Her: It means it was $4 and I needed a T-shirt.
It wasn’t a brush-off. I could tell by her manner. She found thias great cheap T-shirt and neither knew nor cared what it meant.

Anybody know what it means? Or have a similasr story?

Well…it’s true.
I guess.

I mean, you can’t get nothing from somewhere. You certainly can get nothing from nowhere, but being a double negative, that makes it getting something from somewhere all over again.
Stupid shirt.

My favorite t-shirt is one I got in Japan that says (this is an exact quote):

They live with specific purposes being supported by these the bestkind of purposes are completed

Every time I wear it, people stop to read it and stand there with this glazed-over, puzzled expression. Occasionally someone even asks me what it means, to which I can only reply, “I don’t know – if you figure it out will you let me know?”

There’s nothing like a good nonsense t-shirt.

I also like the one I found for my son:

Rich Mind Brings Up Tradition

It’s a shirt for globalization. Trying to tell everybody that we should respect the needs of the Guatamalan farmer.

[Carl Sagan]“We are made of star stuff”[/Carl Sagan]
Beyond that, I haven’t a clue.

BTW, a friend of mine had a t-shirt that said: If you don’t like my attitude, stop talking to me. No doubt about what that meant. :smiley:

My favorite has a picture of the galaxy with an arrow pointing to a single little dot. It says, “You Are Here”.

On my way to New Orleans LouisianA (for JazzFest) I saw someone with a “Save NOLA” T-Shirt. For the life of me, I was stumped about NOLA. A band? A country? So I asked the wearer. And was a bit embarrassed.

I agree with the globalization idea, but here’s a long shot: environmental message. It might be related, somehow, to the notion that you can never really throw anything away: there is no away!

I also have a T-Shirt from Japan. It reads:

Imposing Bear Is Your Only Friend

I love that shirt. I imagine a bear sitting on my couch late at night, watching TV too loud and and drinking all my beer. But what can I do? He’s my only friend.

While I do love me some swampbear, he’s not my only friend.

So meet a bear and take him out to lunch with you
And even though your friends may stop and stare
Just remember thats a bear there in the bunch with you
And they just dont come no better than a bear

Dammit, I’m a day late.

People are often stumped when I wear my WHOI T-shirt.

Do you know Don Abt by any chance?

No, I’ve never been there. But I’ve always been interested in oceanography, so I thought I’d send a couple of bucks their way and get a nice long-sleeved T-shirt in exchange. (I’m wearing a Scripps T right now. Used to take field trips there when I was a kid.)

**EVERYTHING we have comes from EVERYWHERE **

That sounds like it might be from the “If you have it, it came on a truck” folks.

I have one on.
It sayeth (capitalization and arrangement is exact) -

PUNK Time Punk


& MKH & club

MK <- those line up so they’re touching at the top of the MK

My husband brought it home for me from Japan last month. I don’t get it. The tag inside says Michel Klein, Paris, and it’s your typical 3/4 sleeve shirt you would have worn if you’d been in the Bad News Bears era little league.

I like the color.

Heh…considering how many articles of clothing with random Chinese/Japanese writing on them are being worn by Americans who have no idea what they mean (or even IF they mean anything), I find this somewhat comforting…

Perhaps the shirt (that the OP saw) was kind of the reverse of “buy American”. We were talking about cars the other day, and how if you buy an american car (in the US), it could have been designed anywhere, has parts from all over the world, and was probably assembled in a plant in the US; where if you buy a japanese car in the US, it could have been designed anywhere, has parts from all over the world, and was probably assembled in a plant in the US. Similarly, electronic chips may be designed in one country, fabricated in another, packaged in a third, tested in a fourth, and put onto a board in yet a fifth before you use the device. “Everything” = all kinds of consumer products, “Everywhere” = global supply of the different parts of the products.

Where I work, television programs are assigned NOLA codes. I have no idea what it stands for, but every time I see NOLA in a lower-third in a Katrina/New Orleans story, I’m trying to figure out if perhaps they’re talking about AMMS__000905, NAAT__000303 (American Masters, Nature, etc.) Silly me.

Ha! I laughed for 10 minutes over this. I want that shirt, too!

In the beginning there was the Cosmic Egg, a basketball-sized lump containing the entirety of the Universe. Everything was going along swimmingly; the Egg was at peace and all was just ducky. Then it exploded. All the matter, all the stars, all the galaxies, everything burst forth from this explosion we now call the Big Bang. Everything we know, everything we see originated here. The Cosmic Egg was everything and everywhere. And everything came from it.

Everything we have comes from everywhere.

Nah, probably too deep for a $4 tee-shirt.