Everythings better in a mug

I got a Czech 1 liter beer mug from a friend and I love it. I don’t drink beer or any other alcohol for that matter. But whatever I put in there, (water, milk, soda, lemonade), it tastes better when drunk in great daughts from a 1 liter mug.

Naw, Mountain Dew tastes better from an aluminum can, and all soda tastes at least better than a mug when it’s from a cold glass 16 ouncer. But a good ceremic mug indeed makes things taste better than most other things such as plastic or glass cups.

I could use a big frosty mug of beer about now.

Ludovic, I should clarify that I mean a big-ass beer mug. Not a little ceramic coffee mug.

I know. Big-ass beer mug indeed tastes better than a ceramic coffee mug, as I have had the opporunity to taste multiple beverages from both (although not beer, to be honest, although perhaps I should try some from an honest Beer Mug as it might improve my opinion of the taste of beer.)

Since I saw it a few weeks ago, the first thing that came to mind was “Pizza in a Cup” from The Jerk.

Mugs are good, but in order to really enjoy your beverage you need to get yourself a decent chalice.

Even sex?

Yes. Just need to find a big enough pair of mugs.

I’d be more concerned with the jugs.