Everything's Coming Up Milhouse!

DrLoveGun has a new job starting Tuesday- making $7000 more!

And even better, I got hired today!

Yay! Yay! Yay!

We’ve now doubled our household income! Hooray!

I also start Tuesday. I’m doing drug & alcohol counseling.

Now I just have to find daycare for Tinkleberry by then. :eek:

Soon we say goodbye to Hayward! Hooray! We move to the faaaaaaaaaaabulous Penninsula. No more drunken neighbors*!

See me do my space monkey dance of infinite joy! and then have a little nap.

*If there is any justice in the Universe, there’d better not be any.

Congrats and ulations, inkles. :wink: Good luck with the daycare search.
Now… before you stop dancing… EVERYBODY DO THE FLOOD-WALK!!!


Behold Gravity In All It’s Glory!!!

Uhh, see, Milhouse is so lame, that when he talks, he puts apostrophes in the wrong place. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

That’s wonderful!!! And certainly deserving of a few exclamation points.

Why does Bart get a social worker? I’m the one with stigmata!

Grats Inkleberry, sounds like you’ve been living in hell. Hope you guys have an easy time finding a new place!

That is so great!

Where are your two jobs? Should be easy to find a place – vacancy rates are still pretty high. Thank og you’re not facing 2000 vacancy rates/rents!

You may still have drunken neighbors, but they’ll be quiet drunks smashed on higher class stuff – and you’ll have to get clients from somewhere, right?

Oh, inkleberry, that’s such great news! Is this the job with the Bizzaro World Interview you went to a couple of weeks ago?

I’m so happy you’ll be getting out of the cat-pee infused, drunken asshole, person-of-trash neighborhood!

Does the Dance of Joy, trips over her own feet and runs giggling out of the thread.

Wooohoo, congrats, inkleberry!!!

Nope. That job sent me an email stating I did not have “enough supplementary points for minorities and veterans” to qualify.

This job was one I never applied to- I got recruited. :slight_smile: I’m doing drug/alcohol counseling and case management for a treatment facility.

DLG’s is currently in the east bay, although he is going to ask about the potential to transfer to the penninsula. Mine is on the penninsula. We are scouting apartments today, hopefully.

Many congrats! Good luck with the daycare search. Ask lots of question and don’t just settle. We did that once and I really regretted it. Thankfully, we got our kid out of there fast and into a better situation.

Happy apartment hunting, too! YAY!

sprays champagne everywhere, celebrates Brava! snogs inkleberry
Everybody do the wave!

Can I borrow your “new job” luck when you’re done with it?


Congrats! It sounds like the beginning of bigger and better things for all of you, and pretty soon you’ll escape your toxic living situation. I am thrilled for you, and excited.

Congrats!! You’re going to carefully scope out the neighborhoods while you’re apartment hunting, yes? There are definitely some neighborhoods in the lowland portions of San Mateo County that will generate as many Pit threads as Hayward has. Good luck!

Oh, even sweeter! Not to be judgemental or anything, but the Bizzaro World place seemed a tad too…er…conventional* for our inkleberry.

*“uptight, pantywaisted, paranoid automatons from Hell” might say it as well.

Actually, we drove to the peninsula today and got in touch with my old landlord, who now has a open townhouse in the complex I lived in a few years back. It’s about $500 more a month, but way nicer & quieter. The biggest problem there is squirrels and noisy birds. :slight_smile:

How much do the squirrels drink?

No, that’s me. :wink: