Eviction Notice for beagle jr.

To: beagle jr.
From: mr & mrs beagledave
Re: Eviction notice

Dear beagle jr. :

We hope you have enjoyed your last 9 months in your comfy surroundings. We (well, mrs beagledave mostly) trust that we have kept up our end of the bargain by eating right, avoiding smoking and Guinness (sniff).

However, your lease is up. Vacate the premises.

O.K. “technically” your due date is July 14th (although by our handy dandy knowledge of the conception date, it’s really a few days ago). However, near as we can tell…you’re old enough to move on in to bigger digs.

mrs beagledave would like her bladder back. She would like your incessant rib kicking to cease. The “you’re still here?” looks from her co-workers are now annoying. mrs beagledave tires of my penguin waddling references when she walks. :eek:

Your attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

p.s. We’ll discuss this “sleep” issue at another time.

Good Luck. Might as well give up on sleep. :smiley:

Hope everything goes well. The last week feels as long as the whole rest of the pregnancy. My daughter was born just a few hours after her due date, but my son tried to hold out for an extra week.

I thought you were turning 18 and your parents were giving you the boot.
Congratulations and good luck!!!

I thought the opposite - bd had decided his adult kid had been mooching enough and was going to kick him out into the big bad world…

Congrats on the bebe, bd.

A week? Hah! I was up there for an extra month! They had to use blasting caps to get me out.

Yeah, Lil Baby Kate took an extra two weeks to get up the nerve. Mrs Chance only weighs about 115 and LBK weighed just short of 10 pounds. The OB finally decided to induce because LBK was getting so big we were soon to be looking at a C-section for ANY delivery!

So hang in there. The eviction power is all within you!

Damn. I really lost out on that baby pool. I predicted the arrival date to be July 3. I was waaaay off.

Good luck with your new arrival. It’s not as much work as everyone lets on. They just eat, sleep, poop, and cry the first few months. You’ll have plenty of time for naps between feedings. :wink:

before I commit to commiserating with you on this subject, I need to review my prediction on your baby to be contest. What was that url again? hmmmm? seems to me, I was betting on babe being late heh heh heh (and remember, too, I’m the one who seriously, from painful personal experience recommends that you, the ‘birthing coach’ not munch on sardines in the labor room. He he he whooooo)

http://www.expectnet.com although the last time I checked, they seemed to be having trouble with their database :frowning:

advice noted.

mrs beagledave is firing contractions like crazy today (but no real regularity yet) …and feels crappy…

thanks for the code. darn I can’t check to see if I should be urging young jr. to exit yet or not. Sorry, also for Mrs. beagle’s discomfort. your first, right? Well, if nothing else, she’ll thank me for the ‘no sardines’ rule. will make a note of the site and will check back on it. :smiley:

D’OH!!! I thought the OB said he wanted to seduce my wife! Now I’m sorry I punched him…

My mother still blames me for being two weeks late.

But she didn’t put on weight until after my BROTHER was born…I didn’t do THAT! Ha! :slight_smile:

ummm, . . . I think this is something that might not be the kid’s problem.

Or put another way (and out of its usual context), “You want it when? bwahahahahaha!”