Evidence for a larger home-protection gun...

Are you a burgler? :slight_smile:

Allin good fun, guys.

What are the power differences between .45s and .410s? I know they are interchangeable for some guns. That was why I was surprised…I thought that at short distances they would be sorta comparable, even with tiny shot. Would a slug from a .410 have the same power as the .45? Or is there less powder or ???

I know the differences between shotguns, I just messed up typing. I’ve owned a 12 gauge double and a 20 gauge single, and have shot a .410 many times while hunting rabbit on the Western Slope of Colorado. I once shot a 10 gauge, and almost shot a 4 gauge (it was offered, but I declined - I got the feeling that the ammo was precious, and I didn’t really care to have my shoulder blown off)! I hunt regularly, but I don’t really delve too deeply in all of the factors involving guns and bullets…I’m lazy, my FIL just hands me his $3500 Merkel and says “Front trigger for deer and boar, back trigger for fox and rabbit” and I go a-huntin’. (OK, I’m not that bad, but I really don’t get into guns as much as I get into cooking the results from hunting).

I’d like to get a concealed carry that would double as the home protection gun, so I am thinking of a .38 SPL revolver, or a Glock 27 (.40). Or that neat pistol 12 gauge that Airman Doors told us about in another thread. :smiley:


That’s right. “n gauge” means that if you made a round lead ball to fit the bore, you would get n balls to the pound - so a 28-gauge would pass a .57oz ball, but a 12-gauge a 1.33oz, a 16-gauge exactly 1oz, etc. But a .410 does have a bore that is .410" wide. More or less.

Here is some information on the .410

Cartridge .410 birdshot
Actual Caliber 0.41
Muzzle Velocity 1225
Muzzle Energy in footpounds 707

Cartridge .410 rifled slug
Actual Caliber 0.41
Bullet Weight in Grains 300
Muzzle Velocity 1830
Muzzle Energy in footpounds 631

These figures would be based on firing the cartridges from a full length barrel, not from one of those goofy .410 pistols. A buddy of mine has one and it doesn’t exceed slingshot velocities by much.

Perhaps…but I would disagree with the assumption that racking a shotgun wouldn’t scare someone. That sound has been on countless TV shows, movies, even cartoons. That sounds means “You’re about to have a loaded gun pointed at you.”

Have you ever heard one for real? Foley artists use whatever sound they think is most dramatically effective, not necessarily the one that is most realistic. They seem to use the same clickety-clack noise for every gun, whether it is being cocked, loaded, or even just brought up to the firing position.

IAC, it remains a tactically unsound move for several reasons.

  1. It means that you are holding a weapon that is chamber empty in a situation where the time spent racking the slide may cost you your life. Or…
  2. It means that you are ejecting a perfectly good shell from a weapon that is notably slow to reload.
  3. It is easy to “short stroke” the slide under stress. This may result in no shell being fed into the chamber (i.e. you’ll get a click instead of a bang should you need to fire) or a misfed shell resulting in a jam that isn’t going to be easy to clear.
  4. If you have the advantage of surprise to start with, you just lost it by making loud click-clack noises.

If you must let your opponent know where you are and that you are armed, it’s a far better idea to simply yell “I know you’re here and I have a gun!” if the situation is serious enough for guns to be brought into play, it is serious enough for someone to be shot. Using a gun to try to “just scare him” puts you onto some very thin ice tactically and legally.

They do use the same generic racking/cocking sound effect for many guns in TV/movies, and that should have educated the bad guys what it means.

I’m not going to have a ready-to-fire weapon sitting around, so points #1 and #2 are moot for me, it will get racked.
I will concede your point 3.

Point #4 goes back to having a ready-to-fire weapon, which I don’t feel comfortable with. So yeah, the bad guy is probably going to hear it, and hopefully take the clue to get the hell out.

I think you have every legal right to “just scare someone” when they’re an intruder in your home. Your yelling idea is probably good though, as long as you can sound like you mean it.

Oh, you mean this?

Also, you will be hard-pressed to find a better all-around defense weapon than a GLOCK 27. I would know, I have one.

Just out of curiosity there me ol’ zoomie, how many times have you used that Glock such that you arrived at your above stated conclusion?

OK, let me qualify that, because I didn’t think that having used it for its stated purpose was a requirement to have an opinion. :rolleyes:

The weapon is very compact, very concealable, very controllable, and fires a powerful round accurately in the range that your average gunfight would happen. As it is not much bigger than your hand it is not as awkward in close quarters as a shotgun and can be concealed quite easily with most any kind of clothing. Add hollowpoints to the mix and you have quite a little handcannon siutable for home defense and concealed carry.

So, how many times have you used your weapon, Scumpup? I assume you have a few times given the extraordinary condescension you used in your last post.

Me? I never shot anybody; though I have drawn a weapon a few times. See, that’s why I refrain from expounding on the virtues of any particular caliber or model. The Ruger Mk I was as effective as the S&W 4566 as the Makarov as the Beretta 21. Your average mook doesn’t want to be shot with anything. In the real world, one gun is largely as effective as another because of that. I don’t believe in brandishing guns with the intent to just scare someone, but personal experience indicates shitbags are afraid when you point guns at them. So you like that Glock because of how it handles for you. why not just say that?

I did. It was obviously an opinion, ironically enough in a forum called “In My Humble Opinion”.