Evil: A primer

People see things all the time that they can’t explain rationally. They ask questions like, “How can someone do this to another human being?” Therein lies the misconception…

“another human being”.

There are beings (“people” really doesn’t apply) that simply do not relate to or conform with the general concepts of mercy, compassion or affection. These beings are evil. They are dedicated to opposing that which is good. Sometimes they use order and discipline to obtain power from a chaotic, lazy and morally equivocated situation, others prefer to use fear and terror in opposition to law and order.

Once you accept the simple fact that evil really does exist, and is not just a boogyman in Stephen King novels, you are on the way to understanding. To deny the existence of evil, or to mistake it for ignorance or prejudice or some other form of stupidity is the height of folly and danger. The evil cannot be embraced. They cannot be counseled. They cannot be converted.

Those that accept the existence of evil realize that there is a distinct difference between evil and good. The evil are not to be suffered. They must be opposed. They must be exterminated.

This philosophy cares not about religious variances; nearly every religion acknowledges the existence of evil. Even atheism and agnosticism allow for this fact.

Let us not embrace evil.