Evil women

Of course women are evil, silly! It’s a natural law, like ice is cold and fire is hot. Men are Good; therefore, Women are Evil. Linguists tell us that the word “woman” comes from “woe” + “man.” Also, you will notice that the words evil, devil, vile,
violence, venom, and vomit all have the letter “v” in them, just like…you guessed it: vagina and vulva! My advice to you is to steer clear of them at all costs. I find myself vaguely attracted to them at times, so I am considering castration.

I hate to take sides with the “enemy” but… From my limited experiences with the fair sex I have found that women are evil because of men. I expect heaps of derision but I have found it to be true. For every mother denying her ex-husband visitation to his children there are 10 who have never seen a child support payment, who are living in hiding because he is looking to beat the shit out of her, who have husbands who deny the child was ever theirs in the first place and never try to see them or who abused the children and caused the separation. As a neutered male (i.e., been married to the same beastly creature for over 10 years) I get to hear all of the horror stories from the women I work with. A woman whose boyfriend broke her jaw. A woman raped by an ex-boyfriend on the eve of her wedding. A woman whose husband slept with his secretary in THEIR bed while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery. With crap like that it is a wonder that we (men) don’t all wake up one morning to find the bed on fire and our dicks missing… We’re pricks and they’ve learned to adapt to our ways. We brought the hunter mentality into the bedroom and they have finally called bullshit on it… Women aren’t as able to use the direct approach (i.e., beating the shit out of the guy who wronged them) so they make up for it in guile and ruthlessness. Sure, sometimes their anger is misdirected but I really believe we started it. Women get along fine in groups of other women… Leave a group of men alone long enough and you’ll wind up with violence or sodomy (sometimes both)…

Hey Hannu? Maybe it’s you…

Seriously, people, Hannu is getting a lot of sympathy on the child visitation issue just because he claims he is paying his support, but we don’t really know the situation here.

Back in high school, I had a friend whose father didn’t want to see her, or her sister, but even more, he didn’t want to pay his support. He absolutely insisted on visitation, and then deliberately made the girls miserable, so his ex would release him from his support obligations in order to stop the visits. It worked.

Now, I’m not saying Hannu is doing that. I am saying, here’s a guy who states plainly that he thinks all women are evil.

Is this a man we want raising daughters?

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Hey Ducks! Thank you!

Overall I’d say you are correct. But don’t go giving us TOO much credit, for there are certainly evil women in the world. And check out a woman’s prison some time. Not quite as brutal as Oz, but damn close.

Overall, though, I’d say that women are the healthier, kinder, more sensitive and sane sex, and when we are not we are often driven to it by men.

And it is still up in the air as to why this is so. How much of it is biology, how much is cultural, and how much of our culture is driven by our biology.

I do believe, however, that the female practice of “getting in touch with our feelings” and hashing them into the dust goes a long way towards keeping us peaceful and sane. Any psychologists will tell you that.

It is interesting to me the way the two genders way of being in the world reflects their physiology: men tend to act OUT, they discover themselves and know themselves by the ways in which they “do” in the world, whether it is through sports, or war, or other contests of “doing”, men are generally directed outward, like their penises.

We gals, on the other hand, are very much inner-directed, gazing at our navels, interpreting our feelings and actions, and yours, dissecting the guts of everything, turning inward, like our vaginas.


(And before anyone starts flipping out…these are OBVIUSLY GENERALIZATIONS. Everybody’s different, blah, blah, blah. But generalizations exist for a reason.)


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Hey, I am thankfull for all the responses…and yes I was trolling a bit, as much as feeling sorry for myself, so I needed a virtual kick in the ass. Thanks everyone! I did receive a lot of insight too.
A tid bit of info for you…My daughter called me 2 days ago and wanted to see her daddy…It was going to be today. Oh well, it turns out that my ex has no time for that kind of “non sense” . Meaning that she could drive the 10 minutes that it takes to drop off my daughter to my house. Neither she had 10 minutes to wait for me to pick her up. Oh well…Monday call my lawyer again!

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STOI, it has long been one of my goals to check out a women’s prison…

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