Evil women

Why are women so evil? I have been hosed by my ex, and currently she is denying access to my daughter. Yes I am paying child support, never miss a dime!
Short time ago I decided to give a chance to a relationship, and was lead on down the garden path like a lamb to a slaughter. Are women just plain evil, or do they just enjoy hurting men.

Like most generalizations and sterotypes, you will find this one to be true. We are evil.

We are the Brides of Satan, hadn’t you heard?


We are evil because we are the same species as men. We are particularly evil because we can get away with it more often.

Hannu? Sounds to me as if you’re being “oiled up” for something here… cherchez la femme!

Nickrz, “oiled up”? Yes I know, the above posts just prove the nature of the beast, don’t they?
It is such a shame we have needed them for so long for survival of the species.

Cogito Ergo Vroom
I think therefore I ride fast…

Naw, that was just a lot of sarcasm, it runs rampant on this board. I am sorry to hear about your plight. I presume you are allowed visitation rights to your daughter, so get back in the ring! Talk to a lawyer about what you can do, I know a buddy that is in sort of the same boat you are and that is just not right. As for the relationship thing, all of us (men and women) have been broken by another, thats the chance you have to take, the right one is out there somewhere!

Hannu, I’m sure you mean “Why is your ex so evil?” Just because she hosed you doesn’t mean that all women are evil. I happen to be married to a wonderful example of the gender, plus I know many other good-hearted and kind females.

Evil Women? You bet! I wouldn’t have any other way! I’ve been in wickedly evil happiness for 15 years now. I like it like that. Nice girls are dull…

Being screwed by the ex-wife out of visitation is a slightly different matter. Consult a lawyer.

Well, if you’re looking for sympathy, the BBQ is probably the wrong forum. It seems to me that if you ask “why are women evil” in the Pit, you’re going to get one of two responses (from women) – we are going to be sarcastic or we are going to jump down your throat big time. I think you’re lucky you only got sarcasm.

[[It is such a shame we have needed them for so long for survival of the species.]]

We ARE the species. Males are a biological afterthought.

jodih, you are right, and I was actually looking for a fight. I am not looking for sympathy - women in particular are not capable of it. It is not in their nature.
All and all I find women mean, nasty and always looking to hurt someone.

Cogito Ergo Vroom
I think therefore I ride fast…

maybe you have a hard time finding a good woman because you are a whining little prick who takes the actions of a few people and uses them to condem a whole gender who have nothing to do with you being hurt. Sympathy? Not bloody likely!

with your attitude, the chances of finding a good mate are slim to none. Hope you enjoy being alone.

You ex is screwing you over? Take her to court - you deserve to see your child. You had a bad experience with a member of the opposite sex? Join the club. Everyone of us on here have been screwed in one way or another. Deal with it and move on, just like everyone else in the world does.
Is your mother evil? How about your grandmother? If you have sisters, are they evil? Do you have a daughter? Aunts, teachers, etc? Are they evil?

Hannu, I want to support you, but, I’m afraid of women, they are the master race, superior humans. We’d better keep our mouths shut or we’ll be ground to dust.

Hannu, she is being evil because she can. My mom did the same thing to my dad. She told us that our dad didn’t want to visit. Then she tried to sue him for extra money to pay for “counseling” to deal with “abandonment issues”. I didn’t know until some time later that he was trying to see us twice a week.

Even if it takes a few years to see them, you have to keep trying. Write down every scheduled visitation time, be there half an hour early, and stay an hour past pickup time. Let everyone know where you are going, so you have witnesses and she can’t claim you never showed up. Buy a dictaphone and record her excuses. Call her on them. Let this evidence accumulate, then nail her with it. The truth will eventually come out in court. Especially if you walk in with piles of affidavits, and a shoe-box full of neatly labeled tapes.

Until then, try writing to them to let them know you love them. Don’t put your name on the return address or they will never get them. If you live in another town, send them to a friend to re-mail them so she won’t know they are from you from the cancelation mark.

P.S. To defeat a b-tch, think like one. If you really want a fight, fight the EVIL TWO-FACED MONSTER who stole your children. Become treacherous and crafty. Cover every angle.

dawnbird, Thanks!
I needed that…I owe you big time. Anytime, anywhere, and darn near anything!

Cogito Ergo Vroom
I think therefore I ride fast…

Great song by the Electric Light Orchestra

“…send lawyers, guns, and money…”

 Warren Zevon

Hannu–It sounds like whatever went wrong in your relationship has left EX feeling angry and bitter. Unless you are a doormat, you are probably not completely blameless. If you should apologize, do it-even if she was more wrong. Be smarter than she is --Kill her with kindness. Be strong, but be nice. Ask for her advice about things, and at least pretend to listen to it. (don’t actually kill her, though, that’s just a figure of speech.)
Try to turn your relationship from hateful and spiteful to positive, in support of your daughter. It may be a lifelong struggle, but that is what a truly caring father would do…Regardless of your Ex’s immature behaviour.

a good apology: “I’m sorry for what I did.”
a bad apology: “I’m sorry for what I did, but…”

Okay, maybe I’m too much of an optimist, (My nickname is Pollyana) but trying resolve the conflict is Hannu’s best chance of being a good dad.

I think yepitsme might be hitting the nail on the head! If you find women “all in all to be mean, nasty, and always looking to hurt someone,” perhaps you are engaged with the wrong gender. Do yourself, and us all a favor, by either sticking with the palm sisters or making the transition to those more suited to yourself.