Evolution: Humans and horses

Hey, I am not interested in debating evolution!

I am looking for great charts that trace the evolutionary lines of radically different species. For instance a chart tracing and noting the time in history when mammals split from other types of life.

Or a chart tracing how far back we have to go to see where human evolution split down one road and other mammals split down another (horses for example).

I really want charts that footnote the fossil evidence that has been found to support each point in the chart too!

If anyone has links to such charts, diagrams, or papers online, please post em. Pretty please? Pretty please with strawberry syrup on top?

Thank you a bunch.

FYI: Here are some of my favorite charts on evolution so far (though these arent quite what i am looking for):

Here’s a chart of horse evolution.

Here’s one for marsupials.

And humans.

I know what you’re looking for, and I can’t find it either, but maybe these will help a little.

You might want to look at the Tree of Life project:


It’s not really a chart so much as a browsable dendrogram. You have to go pretty far up the tree to get to the mammals. Check out who’s featured on the page for Homo sapiens.