Evolution of Dance

I don’t think I have seen this on here before, apologies if it’s a repeat post. I suggest you judge your age by the time this stops becoming funny and starts being an uncomfortable reminder! Warning to those at work it comes with loud music, but otherwise worksafe.

Someone sent that to me a few weeks ago (on YouTube) and I nearly fell out of my chair laughing. Usually my husband just ignores me when I tell him he “has to come see this!”, but he did come watch this one.
He liked it, too.

It’s fantastic :), I’m plugged in fairly deeply to the internet video scene and so I saw this fairly soon after it went online. It’s awesome.

Somebody sent this to me last week. Eh, in the beginning it was sort of amusing, but at 6 minutes it was a bit long. Yah-huh, he’s doing a bunch of different dances. When I’m at the computer, I’ve got shit to do.