Ex Husband is a jerk

My ex husband is a jerk. It was his birthday this past Sunday and he didn’t take our daughter for his weekly visitation because he was “busy all day” for his birthday.
What type of father doesn’t want to spend time with his daughter on their birthday?

He cares more about his parents, sisters and friends then his own child- he constantly solidifies the reason i divorced him- he didn’t prioritize us when we were married so of-course after divorce he treats our daughter like this.

Interesting post.

Wait… an ex husband being a jerk? I have got to open this thread!
[sigh–nothing new here]
Look, if you want to avoid the label of “Weak Pitting”, you need to dig up some really juicy dirt on the guy. We’ll wait.

Seriously, though, we do feel for you – hope you get plenty of good times with your daughter to take the sting out of incidents like this.

shrugs I’m sure the man has other unpleasant qualities, but wanting to take a day for oneself on one’s own birthday doesn’t seem obviously out of line to me. It would have been better if he’d planned this with you in advance, of course - maybe trading days or something.

Or add creative swearing. This is a group that appreciates a well-turned phrase of invective. Or is that invective phrase?

He does sound sub-optimal. There’s an ongoing mini-rant thread if you don’t want to get more worked up. Situations don’t have to be unimportant to go there. They can go there because they’re important, but mostly under control. As in, for instance, you sound like you’re annoyed, but otherwise completely on top of this.

What, a day off from his rigorous and self-sacrificing schedule of weekend visits?

Well in all fairness, it’s his birthday, not hers.

With 666 in the OPs username, I’ve got to think there’s much more to this story than has been posted so far.

If you are over the age of 12 or so, you ought to be mature enough to realize your birthday is not a national holiday. If he absolutely needs an adult celebration, why not do it Friday or Saturday night?

Sounds to me like a really weak excuse to no spend quality time with his kid. But what can you do? If he’s selfish and immature, there isn’t much you can do to change that. Love your kid, cherish your time together, and feel a bit sorry that he doesnt know what he’s missing.

Welcome to the SDMB, purplelady666! We hope you like it here! :slight_smile:

You should have realized before you married him when he could never see you on his birthday. He’s just like that.

So, your first and only post (so far) is to put up a passive aggressive hissy fit complaining about the latest national emergency created by your ex-husband.

Actually, I’m doing hissy fits severe injustice by elevating the OP to that status.

How about you grow a spine or complain to somebody else? I’m guessing anybody else who used to be willing to listen got tired of your passive aggressive “woe-is-me” bullshit about every minor little situation that nobody else on the planet cares about.

You’re not looking to rant. You’re looking for sympathy. Well, fine. I’m sorry your ex-husband is a jerk. I’m even more sorry for us - that this leads you to believe your common-as-dirt family situation entitles you to a captive internet audience about the mundane fucking details about your tedious life.

The OP does not provide enough information for us to be able to judge him. I’d say there’s at least a 50% chance I’d take his side, considering the commentary of the OP. But without his POV, it’s really impossible to make a determination on whether he’s really a jerk (with respect to the Sunday visit).

The kind you made a child with, apparently.

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One that wants to have a good time and celebrate, not watch a brat, which is definitely something he should be allowed to do on his birthday.

Excellent counter-battery fire. Well done.

Because the kid should learn that adults have a right to their private time also and that they (children) are not the center of adults’ world or deserving of all the attention of their caregivers.

I’m just curious, purplelady…who has the kid when it’s her birthday?

Rarely have 25 truer words been written.

Rarely have (however many) dumber, more obviously-didn’t-read-the-OP words been written. Don’t you have someone to fleece out of “fortune telling” money or an adopted child to kick?