Exactly how to use Ototek loop?

I hardly ever get any earwax when I try to use the Ototek loop. I occasionally get some with a Q-Tip (yeah, yeah, I know) so I think that somehow I’m missing it with the loop. The instructions seem simple enough, but I actually find them vague. Here are my questions:

Exactly which side of the tip should be held against the ear canal – the convex side, where it seems the point of the obtuse angle would be what touches the canal, or the concave side, where it seems the very end of the tip would be touching?

Does it matter which part of the canal it’s held against – top, bottom, front, rear? All of the above in turn?

By “move the tip to the opposite side” does that mean if say, it were touching the top of the canal going in, you just move it down to touch the bottom? (This is what the illustration suggests to me.)

Exactly what sort of gentle motion is used to scoop out the wax? Angle the whole thing while withdrawing it? Rotate it somewhat?

Maybe my ears are cleaner than I suspect, but I just have this nagging feeling that there’s some wax in there I’m not reaching, so I’m trying to make sure it’s not from misunderstanding how to use this gizmo.