Exalted players: Looking for a charm.

So, I’m starting up playing my first Exalted game, and I’ve got access to pretty much all the books (My GM has a disposable income and likes to have -everything- at hand). I realize that trying to go through every single charm, spell, and martial art would take for freakin’ ever, so I’m hoping there’s a player out there who might be able to suggest something.

The effect I’m looking for is, simply, the ability to make a target become ‘forgotten’. Much like the sidereal arcane fate, I’d like to be able to use an ability that would erase someone’s existence from the memories of others, either temporarily or permenently. Is there anything in the rules or supplement that can do that?

Are you talking Solars? Sidereals have some ways to do that. Solars have no easy way.

That does not mean if can’t be done. Exalted was originally a flexible, if poorly-edited to the pointed of unplayability, game. Sorcery could probably do that within reason: Terrestrial-circle sorcery won’t be reaching as far and wide as Solar-circle. A good social-based Charm can probably accomplish the thing to the point you’d need it.

If youo tell me what exctly you’re looking for I can give you a reasonably fair charm for it. The big advantage of Solars which almost none of them ever used in any of my groups was that you can create your own charms to suit your own needs.

Well, Sidereals would be fine, too- My original character concept was sidereal. What I’m going for, in a nutshell, is this: Mortals get into feud. Revenge killings follow. Charm should be able to remove the memory of the latest victim so that the chain of revenge killings just plain (hopefully) stops.

Well, you don’t really even need a Charm for that. If you do, any good persuasion-type charm will do it. I mean, there are a lot of options already in the base books for that kind of things.

Now, how they do will differ. Solars more likely to simply overhwelm their targets with their Sheer Awesome such that they immediately put the feud aside and never speak of it again. Sidereals might actually erase their target’s memories.