Examples of mansplaining

This article is pretty funny, tho I really wish they had included closer to the 200 stories they claim to have recieved; maybe it’ll be a weekly series or something, tho.

I couldn’t pick a favorite but this makes me chuckle:

As does:


Let me explain mansplaining to you…

My wife’s aunt, her mom’s sister, is a fairly prominent geneticist. I’ve seen guys with no science training explain to her how DNA works.

One really good one is a prominent kipper (member of UKIP, a UK far-right organisation) trying to mansplain the fall of the Roman Empire to Mary Beard. She’s a world-renowned expert in that area, and she was remarkably reasonable in her responses to him.

“My family’s native language that he learned on HelloTalk for three months.”

I think this one is both mansplaining and Dunning-Kruger, in that the guy thought studying something for a few months made him an expert.

Jimmy Kimmel has already done that :slight_smile:

Why did the mansplainer drown in a puddle?

…it was a well, actually.

My favorite was a few years ago when a NASA astronaut tweeted “My first venture >63,000’, the space equivalent zone, where water spontaneously boils! Luckily I’m suited!” And a random doofus responded “Wouldn’t say it’s spontaneous. The pressure in the room got below the vapor pressure of the water at room temp. Simple thermo.”

Lots of good responses followed, such as “Please explain science in more detail to the tweeting astronaut.”

(note: “spontaneous” in thermodynamics means a process that occurs without an outside source of energy, so her statement was both colloquially and technically correct)

So many examples though could just as easily be 'splaining not mansplaining. How do you know if the man in question wouldn’t have over-explained if it were a man?

Why don’t you explain how that works?

Because there’s men here. If it were only women, I would.


In this case, it’s just my usual pitiful whining. It would only have been man’scusing if I were speaking to an audience of women.

The 2 worst splainers I know are woman. They’re equal opportunity splainers - doesn’t matter who you are or what you know, they’ll splain it.

Usually the splainers are men though.

My son, while leaving his three month daughter with my wife and me for 3 hours, took 10 minutes to explain to us the proper way to burp a baby. My daughter-in-law just rolled her eyes and said, “You know they had three kids and didn’t kill any of you.”

And my wife spent ages explaining how to look after our first child to my mother and mother-in-law. My mother was a pediatric nurse. My mother-in-law was a nurse, then became a teacher’s aide in a pre-school. It’s a new parent thing. Not a man thing.

I have 16 years of experience in my elite job. A fresh out of school plus a year or two of not super relevant experience guy produced work that I pointed out problems with. I agreed to meet to discuss needed revisios. Once on the video call, he thanked me for the opportunity to explain why what he’d done was correct. He did essentially the same to someone much higher than me (also female) who’d raised the same questions. It seemed like he eventually grasped that he needed to make changes, but, it turns out, he actually had learned nothing from his opportunity to meet with us and revised practically nothing. Now the project isn’t his anymore.

Are they a Doper? Because you know we will explain (or nitpick) anything to anyone in excruciating depth and with unsettling vigor.

That’s why I like this place. It gives me a place to do that without annoying normal people.

I don’t care if this is the absolute truth-Can we ban @TriPolar anyway? :grin: