Excel chart question

We’re creating a chart with amounts below 5% being NR (Non-Reportable). But I cannot get that “NR” to show up on the chart and legend. It only shows 0%, which isn’t what we want.

Any suggestions?

Your question’s not clear. The “legend” is the display along the bottom or right side that give the color code, i.e. The blue line with the little circles is Revenue and the pink line with the little boxes is Cost. THAT’s a legend.

If you’re talking about the axes, the column of numbers down the left edge,or across the bottom, that identify the value corresponding to that particular above-ness or right-ness relative to the origin, that’s easy to fix.

After you build the chart, turn on the toolbar (menu View - Toolbars - Drawing). Create a textbox on top of the 0 in the axis that you wish said NR. Textbox is the drawing icon that has an A in the upper left corner of a flag-like rectangle. Make the box just big a little bigger than the enough to cover the 0. Type NR in it. Resize it as necessary so it just holds the NR. Click elsewhere in the chart to complete the text entry

You’ll see the letters NR superimposed on top of the 0 with the 0 showing through. Then select the textbox (not the text, the box itself), right-click and choose “format textbox…”

On the “colors and lines” tab, change the “Fill” item from “no fill” to “automatic” & OK. That’ll make the textbox opaque, completely hiding the 0.

Does that do what you want? What else do you need?

That’s exactly what I needed, thanks!