Excel formula doesn't want to work

TL;DR: Concatenate function doesn’t do its thing and I don’t know why.

I have a *.txt file that I want to be more user friendly. It is a data dump of a several thousand component parts list kept in SAP. The SAP software doesn’t allow me many options to do anything. I am at a restricted low level user level. I want the info to stop having to wait for the login and server to decide to give me access for a quick look up. It lets me do an export of data in a restricted set of options, CSV is not one of them. A text file is the only one I have software to access it with. My options are a recent Win 10 system running last years Excel and a Win 7 system with Excel 2008 era. I am also in a restrictive paranoid with security corporate IT environment.

Just opening the file with Excel gives all the data in the first column. Using the import wizard, I can get the data to spread across several columns. Space separated data gets it closest to being usable. Some rows have long descriptions which make fixed field width unusable.

I want a simple way to combine columns for 3500+ rows. MERGE will delete all date after the first column. The “manual” says I should be able to use ***CONCATENATE ***or CONCAT. Whether I type in the letters and cells or use the wizard it keeps showing the formula. The data does not merge. Yes I have turned on and off the show formula icon. When I do the formula check, it says I have a constant in the formula which is why I assume it fails. It worked once but when I copy and paste the formula down one row and change the row number it didn’t work again.

Example: All cells are designated as text. Row 6, Columns E-J contain ORDER THIS PART FROM ACME INDUSTRIES. I should be able to put in Rox 6 cell C =CONCATENATE(E6:J6) and get those cells as one text block. I only get the formula. When I try E6 & F6 & G6 & H6 etc I get nothing but what I type. Using the formula wizard does not change things <- this is the part that really annoys me, the wizard should do it correctly. Other formulas work like SUM and*** DATE***, just not the one I want. TEXTJOIN doesn’t appear to be an option either.
After this is solved, I need to remember how to fill down 3500 rows with the relevant row changing. The dollar sign thing fails too.

The cell with the formula might be formatted as text due to the import. Makes sure it is “General”.

Nailed it in one. Had time at work yesterday to check it. Thankx. Mentioned this to my son and he went well duh!