Excel Graph Question

Can someone tell me how to put the scale of the graph on the right side instead of the left side on an Excel graph? I feel like I’ve looked everywhere for the option, but I haven’t found it.

Thanks in advance.

You can add a second axis on the right side but only when you have more than one series. When you have more than one series, you can click on a series, then on the menu select Format, Selected Data Series, Axis, and select “Plot Series on Secondary Axis.” This option is grayed out if there is only one series. If you set it up with two series then delete the one plotted on the left axis, the remaining one will be shifted to the lft axis and the right axis will go away.

In the back of my memory I seem to dimly have an idea that you can rotate the chart to get what you want with a kludge, but I can’t remember how to do it or whether you really can.

BTW Ozgrid is the best site I have ever seen for Excel and VBA/Excel help. It requires registration but is totally free.

You could set up a second series with exactly the same data, and then format the color of the text for the primary axis to be the same color as the background so it disappears.

Choose to format the x-axis. In the “Scale” settings, there should be a checkbox called something like “Value axis crosses at maximum category”.

Thanks everyone. I already had three series in the graph, so picking the one with the lowest value and making a secondary axis worked perfectly. (At first I picked the “middle” of the three series and it then covered the smallest of the series.) Now it’s perfect. Thanks again.