Excel Graphs - Displaying x and y axis values

I have written an Excel spreadsheet which calculates the exponential decay of radioactive substances. That was easy compared to getting the thing to graph properly. I want it to display 1 curve (an exponential decay). Actually, I am displaying the values as a bar graph (or histogram), which still illustrates the decay nicely.

The data is ALL there for the graph to use. Ten values of radioactivity (y-axis) and ten values of time (x-axis).
The graph displays properly as do the y-axis values.
However, the x-axis values don’t show up at all OR they are displayed as data point values 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc - big help there huh?

I do not see why this should be such a problem. I don’t see why the math would create a problem. Basically, I am just trying to plot changing values (y-axis) against time (x-axis). I thought this would be a very simple thing to do. This must be one of the most popular type of graphs. For example, a child’s height (y-axis) over a period of time (x-axis). So, why aren’t those x-values showing up at the bottom of the graph?

Any help would be appreciated.

right-click on the chart, select “chart options”, go to **Axes ** tab, make sure the check box **Category (X) axis ** is checked.

I was able to do what I think you are trying to do on the version of Excel I have by going to the “Source Data” option in the “Chart” menu and highlighting the desired X axis values in the “Category (X axis labels)” box.

On preview I see that clicking and unclicking the option Peter Morris suggests makes these labels appear and go away. So maybe you need to do both.

Peter Morris and Laughing Langomorph

Thanks to both of you for the help.
I think we’d agree that those Excel chart options are not organized very well.
Thanks again.

Yes, I would not say they are intuitive.

If I am trying to get some effect on an Excel chart that I don’t know how to do I basically highlight the relevant data and keep clicking and unclicking various options in the Charts menu until I get what I want.

Problems often arise because Excel wants to treat data as labels, or labels as data. But all in all I have found it to be extremely useful in my job.