Excel Help

I’m doing a number of different things that I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around. I have the following chart:

Name           2005a 2006a 2007a 2008a 2005  2006  2007  2008
Amie             x           b     x    100   n/a   100     0
Bill             x     x     x     x      0   500     0   500
Carl             y     y     y     y    250   250   250   250
Doug             b     b               1000     0   n/a   n/a
Evan                   x     x     b    n/a    50    50    50

X/Y/B refers to which group they are in, where “B” equals both groups. The numbers in the right half are the amount of money they contributed. I want to be able to run the following formulas for each of the four years:

who did not give (group x)

who did not give (group y)

average gift (group x)
average gift (group y)
avg gift minus top 2 gifts (x)
avg gift minus top 2 gifts (y)
median gift (x)
median gift (y)
total (x)
total (y)

My list is actually 74 people long, so I’d prefer to not have to do it by hand. I’m thinking maybe splitting it up into two charts (for both group X and group Y) would probably be easiest.

Well, I split it in two - it was pretty simple after that.