Excel - how do I get the contents of any cell to display in a specific cell?

Basically, I’ve got a random number formula in Excel that can generate cell numbers (C345, H789, T23, etc). What I’m trying to do is to make another cell that will display the contents of that cell.
(Example: I’d like a specific cell - C1000 - that would display the contents of the cell chosen by the random number formula. So, if cell C345 contains the word “answer”, then when the random number formula generates C345, cell C1000 would have the value “answer”.

Make your formula the function of cell C 1000?

Put the random number formula in, say, C1001. Then in C1000 put =INDIRECT(C1001).

That is it !!! (I was trying all kinds of functions, CELL, ADDRESS and many others. I never got around to the INDIRECT function though.)