Excel macros?

WTF happened to Excel macros? I move from Excel 4 (shut up—it did the job) to Excel 2000 and I have to learn VB to write a lousy three-line macro? This sucks totally.

Office 2000 is one of the worst non-upgrades I’ve ever had inflicted on me. Stick with 97 if you can…

Too late. It was forced on me. I might install Star Office if it gives me proper macros back.

You can still record macros from keypresses.

It’s just not the same. I am bereft of an old tool. One that sucked, but one that I had the bloody manuals for. From the days before Microsoft stopped supplying manuals and forced you to depend on their gawd-awful help screens.

You can still use the old style macros, at least thru Excel 7 (don’t have the money or inclination to degrade to 2000). It’s just that the user friendly interfaces are built to work in the new paradigm.

FYI - the change to VBA macros happened with Excel 5.

Forgot to mention that if you’re looking for a solution, you should try the EXCEL-L list at PEACH.EASE.LSOFT.COM.

You have to register to post questions but they have an archive that probably covers your situation.

(I had a quick look at a cellmate’s copy of StarOffice and it there are signs that it has macro capabilities, but there’s little to no help available).