Excel Problem

Whenever I invoke Excel I get a box that first says: “Preparing to Install”, then I get a box that says: “Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office 2000 SR1 Professional.” This started after I reinstalled XP Prof SP1 and MS Office 2000 SR1 Professional.

I have tried to reinstall it without better results. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

When you run the MS Office install program it is not completely “installed”. Don’t ask me why. When you first open one of the actual programs in MS Office, it will try to do it’s final “install”. You need to have the install CD ready and insert it. It should find the files it needs automatically and finish the process. It only takes a minute. If the install program is not on CD then you may have to guide it to the correct path.

It doesn’t ask for the CD. Do you think I should insert the CD before I invoke Excel?

OK, I tried inserting the CD before I invoked Excel. Still the same after that. Now what? Someone please help with this if you know the answer.

Some components are probably not installed. Go to Control Panel, Add Remove Programs and find and select MS Office. Click Change. Select Add/Remove Features and click Next. Find Excel and click on the icon on the left. Select Run all from my computer and click next. This will install any missing components.

OK, I did the above procedure, but to no avail. The problem as posted in my OP has not changed.

This may or may not apply, but have you checked the registry to make sure the incorrect install didn’t leave any entries?

I’ve had software that, even though I “uninstalled” it, some entries in the registry caused problems when I tried to reinstall it.

Just a thought.

MS Office was installed following a clean install of XP Prof SP1 on a reformatted drive. I think that I will remove it and reinstall it to see if that works.

Well, I didn’t have to reinstall MS Office 2000 Prof SP1… I found the answer here in MS Knowledgebase. :smack:


Everything is OK now, so I am happy again.