Excel Quest: How to keep rows from collapsing after save and then reopening

I am having an issue in Excel 2013 where I physically shrank some rows down instead of hiding them. Must have saved them that way one time. Now when I physically drag them back open and do a save they do not come back opened up, they are back to the shrank rows and people cannot see them without me telling them to unshrink those rows. Very frustrating. Any suggestions other than in the future don’t shrink the rows, just hide them?

Some formatting stuff does not trigger Excel’s “this file has changed” flag. Dunno why.

Change the rows to the way you want them, then change the contents of a cell somewhere. Then save.

If needed, you can then change the contents of the cell you changed back to what they were and save again.

I had high hopes for a simple fix such as this but alas it’s not working. But it did inspire me to try a different approach. I copied the information from the rows into new rows and then deleted the offensive rows. Now there is peace in my Excel world. Thanks!

Whatever works! Good job!

Glad you found a solution, but problems like this bug me when I don’t know the cause. To satisfy my curiosity, are you using Office 365? Is there a chance that you or another user have the file opened from some other device, and your change to row height was continually overwritten by the other device?