Excel question: Drawing a best-fit curve

Is it possible to get a “best-fit” curve using Excel? By best fit curve, I mean a curve (in this case a straight line) that does not connect all the dots but instead is drawn so as to follow the general trend and keep as many values as possible near the line.

Everytime I try to do this kind of line, the Excel program just connects all the dots, making a crooked line. This is not what I need, can any of you give me any help? Thanks.

Click on one of the data points in the graph (you’ll want to be using the XY scatter plot without the lines drawn in).

The data points should all turn yellow.

Go up to Chart and scroll down to Add trendline…

You should be able to figure it out from there.

Ok, thanks

yeppers… “add trendline” in the data set on the graph. You can also right click the data points to get to the same place. You can add a linear, logarythmic, best-fit, or about 3 more kinds of trendlines. You can also go to options in the window and show the equation of the trendline as well as the r squared value (correlation coefficient) on the graph.

Right clicking does not work for me right now. The problem with the graphs is solved…I now have to check how to adjust the values. :open_mouth: