Excel question - How do I get rid of these triangles?

I was minding my own business in an Excel spreadsheet when it suddenly looked weird. Appearing at the top of each column there appeared a small triangle (see below). When clicking on it, the drop down menu seems to think I want to do some sorting (see below again).

How do I get rid of these triangles?





If they appear on the top of every column in a block, they are filters.
Probably one of the most commonly used features of Excel.

Off the Home, sort & filter, filter (should be selected), click again to toggle off.
Or Shift+Ctrl+L

I knew it would be simple.


If they are part of a Table definition then you can’t just turn them off. You have to go to Table Design under the horizontal command bar and uncheck Filter Button.


You can get rid of them, but you can also leave them and learn to use them to accomplish some fairly neat things.

If you don’t like how they cover the column headings, you can widen the columns to fix that.

OK, I turned them off.

Then I turned them on again and learned how to use them, and yes, they are cool and useful.

Leaving them on.


Probably one of the best things I’ve assisted another poster with on SDMB.