Excel question

I have a spreadsheet that I add to frequently. A typical column might be =(B3:B17). When I add a row I’ll click on the previous box, brab the corner, and move it down. The formula for the new cell becomes =(B4:B18). I’ve tried clicking on the whole row and dragging the corner, but I get the same result. How do I copy the formula without having B3 (or whatever) incremented? That is, I always want to add from the original cell.

Change the reference to $B$3

Thanks. I’ll give that a try today.

Or more specifically, =sum($B$3:$B$18). If you want the B18 bit to increment, but not the B3, leave out the dollar sign. If you want to drag right and increment the column, leave the dollar sign off the letter.

Sorry: “leave out the dollar sign on the B18”.

Thanks. (And I left ‘sum’ out of my original example.)

The help phrase to look for is “absolute reference”

Helpful hint/worthless trivia: If you click in the cell reference and hit the **F4 **key, Excel will cycle through the absolute reference notations. For instance, if you click the reference “=E7,” [ul]
[li]First click: =$E$7 (absolute reference)[/li][li]Second click: =E$7 (column relative, row absolute)[/li][li]Third click: =$E7 (column abosolute, row relative)[/li][li]Forth click: =E7 (relative reference)[/li][/ul]

Okay, got it to work with (for example) =SUM($D$3:D18)

Now is there a way for my histogram to be automatically updated with the new data when it’s added?

The chart is on a different page.