EXCEL Stat tools HELP!!!

I need use EXCEL to get the correlation r.

The data is about comparing the femur and humerus bones (in centimeters) of 5 specimens of bones to determine if they’re the same species. It is suggested that if theres a strong correlation between the two bone sizes per creature, that then the 5 specimens are all the same species, just small and big (young and older) versions of the animal.

Femur: 38 56 59 64 74
Humerus: 41 63 70 72 84

I have already calculated by hand, the correlation r for this data.

r = (1/4)(3.9762) = .9941

Now I know the formula and can do it by hand but I am also required to do it on the TI-83 plus as well as Microsoft Excel.

I do not know how to use either. Could someone help me with detailed instructions on how to do it, especially EXCEL?

For Excel, I know to go to “Tools->Data Analysis->Correlation” but the window it brings up confuses me and I need to know the exact correct syntax to produce a successful calculation.

Assume that this is my excel sheet:

 [    A    ]   [    B    ]
  1.  38            41
  2.  56            63
  3.  59            70
  4.  64            72
  5.  74            84


The fast way is to use the function wizard. That’s the f[sub]x[/sub] button. Choose the statistical functions, and select the CORREL function. All the wizard does is allows you to select your two rows of data and displays the answer in the cell you placed the function in.

If you’re really feeling brave, you can just key in the function without using the wizard at all. The syntax is =CORREL(B2:B7,C2:C7) where B2:B7 is the cells with the first set of numbers and C2:C7 are the second set.

I get 0.994148571.

Thanks for your advice, what about Ti-83 plus though? :smiley: