Excel workbook is slow for no apparent reason

A customer of mine gave me an Excel workbook that was too slow to see if there’s anything I can do to make it go faster.

It isn’t a particularly big workbook, something like 800 rows by 10 columns, but originaly it was 60MBytes in size.

It has no links, no formulas, no VBA. Just text and dates with very little formatting (some columns are a different color).

The original had lots of empty cells so I selected only the used cells and copied the to a new excel file and magically the size dropped from 60MB to just 500KB.

But while the new file opens significantly faster, scrolling is still a nightmare.

So I started removing stuff to see if things get better. Nope! I ended up deleting everything but the scrolling was still horific, while the file size was still 500kb (an empty excel file for comparison is 9kb).

So there’s still something there that causes the horrible scrolling

I have uploaded the file here so you can test it for yourself https://www.dropbox.com/s/iq9r37tdk7exrxj/Worksheet.xlsx

Not having opened the file (virus concerns/etc), here are my thoughts:

  • Try to Paste Values Only (you didn’t specify the copy type in your OP) to a new workbook, just in case the formatting or any data links are causing the issue

Also check for:

  • links to external data sources (Data-Edit Links, should be greyed out)
  • turn off all autofilters
  • hidden worksheets
  • hidden columns/rows
  • conditional formatting (if there’s a lot, this could slow stuff down)
  • the VBA developer just to make sure there’s definitely no code there

Also, PageDown might by better for scrolling than the mouse wheel or arrow keys (just throwing out options).

I apologize if these are somewhat feeble responses, your problem is very strange and sometimes excel files are just wonky.
If all else fails, wait for other dopers or ask the vendor to slim it down to the bare essentials in a new workbook and resend. Good luck! :fingers crossed:

I found the solution here: http://blogs.office.com/b/microsoft-excel/archive/2009/01/30/hidden-and-invisible-objects.aspx

For some reason the file had a billion textboxes. I removed them by hitting CTRL-G, Special… and selected Objects. Then I pressed Delete.

It took more than 20 minutes to complete the action but now the worksheet works like it is supposed to work!