Excelior Motorcycles

Back in the late 1940s to about the mid 1950s, I saw a motorcycle that really impressed me. My memory says it was an Excelsior motorcycle but my memory also insists that the shifter handle was located in the middle of the split gas tank.
I can’t imagine a worse location for a shifter handle but I’ve got to know: Does anyone here remember the Excelsior motor cycles? What about the shifter handle?

I’ve never seen one, but I’ve heard of them. There were a number of old bikes that used a suicide shift, and usually the accompanying suicide clutch. You needed one hand off the handle bar and one foot off the ground to get started.

Except for the one I saw in my hometown I’ve never seen another.

Thanks for the input.

I asked my boyfriend about this and he sent me two links:

http://www.britcycle.com/bikes/AKaufmann.htm - 1937 Excelsior 125cc with central gear lever.

http://auto.howstuffworks.com/1937-nimbus-luxus1.htm - 1937 Nimbus Luxus had similar design.

Thank you; you have given me the answer and I wasn’t totally