Excercise after blood donation

If I give blood (standard amount, not a double) on a Wednesday, would it be prudent to go a multi day kayak trip starting Friday?
I’ve given blood several times in past with no difficulties.
The trip is aboput 30 miles total (http://www.trek-trail.com/popup/PTT.html#info)

The main reason I ask is all the arm excercise. I probably wouldn’t ask if it was a bike trip.

I know you are not my doctor, just looking fo r a “no way” or “probably Ok” type input.



I’m not speaking authoritatively here, but I don’t think that kayaking vs. biking is what you should be worried about. After donating blood, your red blood cell count is much lower than usual, so you’re not going to be getting as much oxygen to your various systems as you normally would. Best to ask your doctor.

No expert, but I’ve donated quite a bit. From my experience, provided your kayak trip starts out in calmer water, you should be okay.

I’ve had problems exercising (not heavy lifting, though) on the same day as I’ve given blood (foolishness of youth). And it was not fun - real light headed and dizzy.
But by the following day, I’ve been pretty well recovered. So I would think that a couple days - provided you don’t overtax yourself the very first day, would be okay. The key is to keep in mind that you might not be fully capable, and to keep tabs on how you’re feeling.

As to the hole leaking, I’ve not had any issues a couple days after (I can only remember one time, and that was the same day I gave).

Just be sure to increase your fluid intake like they tell you to.

The hole will definitely be all healed up by then, so I wouldn’t worry about any bleeding. As ultrafilter said, your worry is more about the lower hemoglobin you’ll have after donating, which means that for a few days, while your body revs up to make more red cells, your blood will be slightly less efficient at bringing oxygen to your tissues. You may tire out faster, or even get lightheaded. If you’re in good health anyway, and stay well hydrated, you shouldn’t be in much trouble for your trip, as long as you take it easy at first to see how your body is handling it. Needless to say, if you feel like hell, slow it down, or stop and recover.

As a default, I suppose the Red Cross might know a little something.

They seem to feel that 48 hours would be plenty. As a frequent donor myself, I would heartily reccomend you follow their dietary guidlines as much as possible before donating. It makes the donation and recovery much easier.

I find that after donating RBCs, exercise that day is a bit tough (don’t ask how I know), even at a low intensity. The next day, now that most of the fluid volume has been made up, exercise is fine except that my maximum achievable intensity is lower - this is due to less O2 carrying capacity. Gradually over the course of several days to a week, I’m pretty much back to normal. So, a kayak trip a couple of days after donating sounds fine to me - I wouldn’t let it stop me, in any case. (I now donate platelets & plasma monthly, and have no interruption to my normal exercise routine.) Good luck.

In my 20’s, I would play b-ball the same day as a donation. I would be a bit sluggish, and feel over-exerted, but no other ill-effects (as long and I ate and drank a lot of water). Now that I’m 34, I try to wait at least one day before exercise. I give every 8 weeks, so I’m guess I’m used to the effects.