Excessively hot after exercising. How bad is it?

Over the past couple years when I started taking martial arts, I’ve noticed that I’m generally really tired afterwards. OK, no problem, I work hard so that’s expected. But after I get home and I take a shower, I stay pretty hot to the touch (not quite feverish, but close). This will generally last until I wake up the next morning (whether I take a mid-day class or night class).

I first thought that it might be me being dehydrated, but I drink what are probably absurd amounts of water (approx 20 oz. 1 hr before, anywhere from 20-50 during my time there (generally 1/2 to 1 hour warming up, 1 hour of class and anywhere from 15 min. to 1 hour post-class workouts of varying intensity) and at least another 20 immediately upon getting him (from 20-40 minutes after leaving). This doesn’t seem to help.

Am I just pushing myself too hard? What are the consequences of continuting this?

On the dehydration aspect, get thyself a reasonable accurate digital bathroom scale.

Weigh yourself before you start your workout, in your street clothes. Record your weight.
Drink as much water as you can stand during your workout (if you’re working out hard enough, you won’t be able to drink fast enough to overcome the fluid loss from sweating)
After your workout, weigh yourself again in your street clothes. Record your weight again.

Subtract your end weight from your start weight. The difference tells you how much fluid you’ve lost over the course of your workout. One pint of water weighs approximately one pound. Drink at least as much water as needed to regain the lost weight.

This was my routine during my two-a-day practices for football in college. IIRC, the most I ever lost over the course of a 2.5 hour practice was 15.6 pounds. That’s a lot of freaking water.

To help yourself cool down, when you do take a shower, take as long and as cold of a shower as you can, and/or stand in front of a fan to evaporate the sweat off your body. Your body is overheated, so anything to cool yourself off will help immensly.