Exercise called "The Angelina Jolie"- why?

I’m considering running in the local Tough Mudder some time next year. The website has a suggested training program that I’ve been following; it’s pretty good but I rotate it out every 2-3 weeks with a bunch of other routines.

Anyhow, the training program has 16 different workouts that are designed to prepare you for different parts of the Mudder course. Some of the workouts have names like “The Running Man”, “Superman Side Planks”, “The Fist and the Fury”, etc. The exercise descriptions are occasionally somewhat unclear, but it’s possible to get the idea if you haven’t seen them done.

This one has me stumped- “The Angelina Jolie”. It consists of the following: “Get in between two chairs, bars, or if at a gym, a dip machine. Grab each bar or handle with each arm and lower yourself slowly and with control, as you push up with your arms try to explode up, lifting yourself completely off. Be sure to start out slowly until you get used to jumping off and regaining control of the bars.”

What about that activity could possibly be related to Angelina Jolie?

Lara Croft move.

A-ha. Never saw it. Thanks.

Does this qualify for the shortest thread in history?

No…not now.