Exercise vs Eating Less

Re: this post (Can you lose weight by keeping the thermostat turned down?) I’d like to point Cecilophiles to this essay by Professor Richard Muller of Berkeley. The website appears to be down ATM - hopefully just temporarily.

He points out that one has to run 60 miles to burn off a pound of fat (another source from Berkeley’s nutrition lectures suggests 39 miles at 10 miles an hour). Yes, you’ll lose noticeable amounts of weight during a big workout, but most of it will be water, which you’ll (hopefully) put on again quickly Exercise is without doubt good for you for other reasons (although having recently restarted both Trampolining and Judo I note that people who do a lot of it seem to have rather a lot of unpleasant joint injuries)

You may build up muscle during exercise and muscle has a higher resting metabolic rate than fat. Quite how high I’m not sure though, so whether getting yourself an extra kilo of muscle allows you eat an extra Snickers bar a day without doing any extra exercise I don’t know.

I wouldn’t think eating a snickers bar, or an extra one a day for two would be a wise choice. I think the question is do people who are in shape burn more calories, I think the answer is yes.

Right, so the idea is to modify your caloric intake and increase you output (exercise). The concepts (eating less vs. exercise) are not mutually exclusive.