Exiting your car

Mundane, but I thought I would informally poll you guys.

When I go somewhere in my car, and I arrive, I get out and head off to where I am going. Same with leaving - get in, take off.

My wife is the opposite. When we stop, she opens the door, starts looking for bags or purses. She will start picking up trash in the car floorboard, etc. Meanwhile I’m standing around waiting for the ‘house-keeping’ to get done.

I had to run an errand with a co-worker. We got in the car and she started arraigning things, flipping through notebooks, etc. Seriously, it took like 5 minutes from getting in the vehicle to actually driving off.

I see it with guys to. Our neighbor will start his car and spend 5 - 10 minutes doing whatever before he drives off.

I’m not so much complaining (it only bothers me if I’m in the car) but more mystified by this behavior.

Am I in the minority?

I frequently need to find my purse on exit and fail to see a point in not taking any trash with me when I get out. The car gets dusty enough on the inside, since DH is a construction worker (we’re not going to talk about the outside), let’s not add gratuitous clutter.

When I’m driving, it does take me a moment or two to adjust the car if my husband was the last driver, and takes a minute or two for the car sound system and my phone to start talking to each other via Bluetooth.

I get in my truck or my wife’s car, adjust the seat and mirrors if needed, put on my seatbelt, and start the engine. This all takes less than 10 seconds (I’ve been doing it for 50 years). People who spend 5 minutes getting their life together before they start their car is a pet peeve, but I wouldn’t say anything unless they were blocking my way.

No, man. Get in the car - it is in gear w/in seconds and moving as soon as possible. When I get to my destination, I’m out of the care in maybe 5 seconds.

Wife and I generally drive different cars, so there is no adjusting needed. I’ve thought that a seat/mirror memory would be one option I would like. That and separate zoned climate.

I’m like the OP. Get in and go. Or stop the car, then get out and go.

I chuckle because my wife, when we get to our destination (and I drive 99.5% off the time), is when I park the car I’m ready to get out immediately. But SWMBO starts getting a Kleenex to blow her nose, or getting something near her in the car that she needs to bring, or arranging her purse, and then she gets out of the car.

I’d be thinking, you could have been doing that while we are approaching our destination! Buy noooooooo, she only starts when the cast is shut off.

We’ve been married 20 years, and I love her.

My wife and kid drive me nuts with getting out of the car… when I’M driving.
I park, turn off the car, and immediately get out. They are still in there getting their crap together and who knows what else while I’m standing outside twiddling my thumbs.
It’s gotten to the point where I have to announce “PLEASE PREPARE FOR ARRIVAL!” 5 minutes before we get to our destination.

Another good point, if I’m waiting for someone open up a parking spot, it does irritate me a tad if they take an inordinate amount of time to get moving. Dude, I’m holding up the parking lot - move it! :grin:

“Sitting in a parked car is like painting a target on your back labeled ‘Please shoot me!’”


Is she a lawyer ?

I get in & go. When i get there, i stop and get out. No messing about.
Same with trains. Get in, sit down.
Used to annoy me when i was a train commuter… people who get on
and spend 5 minutes faffing about, taking coats off, putting them in the
overhead rack, getting books/papers/gadgets out of briefcases, putting cases
in rack etc etc etc… SIT DOWN, FFS.
(sorry - got carried away there)

I’m with OP. If there’s any work to do in or around the car, I’ll do it before or after the trip, usually while standing up. When in the car, the only times I’m standing still and not driving are
(1) doing a navigation check (phone, GPS, whatever),
(2) comms over the phone (voice or texting) or
(3) eating lunch in a parking lot, during these COVID times.

Otherwise it’s GO, GO, GO and no futzing around.

Auto-correct… so sue me.


I like that. :grin:

When I stop driving and park, I generally spend a couple of minutes checking my phone for text, emails, messages and important SD commenting. Drives my GF crazy when I get home and don’t come in the house right away.

When I get in the car to leave it is immediate. Who are these mentally challenged people who load up the car after shopping and then sit there? The ice cream is melting for goodness sake!

I don’t condone shooting them, but if only we could use cattle prods.

I’m in the “get in/out and go” camp. The wife isn’t. She’ll sit there and fiddle around with stuff for upwards of four or five days (it seems). Usually I’ll stand around and wait for her if we’re getting out of the car, but if it’s bitter cold, I’m booking my ass on inside the house or wherever, and she’s on her own. I’ll do damn near anything for that woman, but I won’t freeze while she’s dilly-dallying for no good reason.

ETA, just in case: No, I won’t go off and leave her alone in a sketchy neighborhood. But it’s very rare that we’d be there anyway.

I remember when we used to go on road trips w/ the kids. We used to have to specifically tell them, “Start putting your shoes on NOW!” It wasn’t enough for us to tell them we were stopping at the upcoming rest stop, turn on the signal, take the exit, slow down, park… “Hang on - I have to put on my shoes!”

Get in, buckle up, car in gear, go.

Arrive, put in park, turn off engine, pick up purse, exit. Unless I’ve been shopping - then I have to unload the car. I empty the trash at home, either before I leave or after I get home.

Spousal unit has more than once spent a lot of time in the car either listening to a radio report/program, finishing a phone call, or I don’t know what. I just get out and wait (or go in the house.)

Add me to the get in, get out crowd. The only delay is when it’s sunny, the retrieving and putting away sunglasses.

I always exit from the back seat after assisting the driver with endless directives.

This is my gas station pet peeve. You are at the pump, I am behind you in line. You complete your transaction, get in your care, start it up, and…what?

Are you balancing your checkbook? Rolling a joint? Writing the first chapter of your novel?

I don’t care, but please pull away from the pump within three seconds of closing your door. We are not barbarians.


I am conscious of this when I want to reset my trip odometer or other settings for the tank of gas I just purchased, so I pull forward to do all that. But yeah, I may be in the minority there.